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Policy Violation Examples

A student reports that they are raped by a friend in their room after an off campus party.

A student is punched and kicked by their intimate partner for flirting with another student in the dining hall.

A professor suggests that a higher grade might be given to a student if the student submits to sexual advances.

A supervisor implicitly or explicitly threatens adverse employment action if a subordinate refuses the supervisor’s sexual advances.

A student repeatedly follows a professor around campus and sends sexually explicit messages to his/her voicemail or email.

A person touches you in an unwelcome, sexual manner without your consent.

A person repeatedly makes unwelcome comments about your body in person, on the phone, or in any other way.

A person records you engaged in sexual activity without your consent.

A student in a residence hall repeatedly draw sexually explicit graffiti on the whiteboard of your door.

A person exposes their sexual organs to you without your consent and in an unwelcome manner.

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