Frequently Asked Questions: Title IX

What conduct is prohibited by Title IX?

What is sexual harassment?

What is sexual assault?

What is sexual misconduct?

What is relationship (dating) violence?

What is stalking?

What is consent?

What are a College’s obligations when it has notice of a Title IX related incident?

What are the responsibilities of the Title IX Coordinator?

Who is Becker College’s Title IX Coordinator?

What are the reporting obligations of residential staff (RA, AC, RD, etc.) when they have notice and/or report of a Title IX related incident?

What if the complainant requests confidentiality?

Who can a student contact if they want information to remain confidential?

What safety measures and accommodations are available to students when they report a Title IX related incident?

Who can a student contact to ask that one or more of these safety measures and/or accommodations be put in place?

What is the purpose of a Title IX Investigation?

What are a respondent’s rights if they are accused for committing Title IX prohibited conduct?

Whom can a student contact if they have been accused of Title IX prohibited conduct?

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