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Policy & Procedures

Members of the Becker College community, guests, and visitors have the right to be free from discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct in the learning environment and work setting. We are dedicated to creating a climate that is preventative, safe, supportive, and that provides due process for all students, employees, and visitors through education, meaningful discussion, and thorough response to reported incidents.

Becker College will not tolerate any form of discrimination, sexual misconduct, or interpersonal violence. In response to any report that a member of the Becker community has engaged in a violation of our policy, Becker will take all appropriate steps to eliminate the misconduct, remedy its effects and prevent its recurrence. PDF of policy.

If you have any questions regarding Title IX, sexual misconduct, or the information on this site, please contact the Title IX Coordinator for more information:

Michelle Fatcheric
Boutin Student Center, 2nd floor
44 West St.
Worcester, MA

For more information about Closure Next Steps: Click here