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Content Contributors Team


Website Statement of Purpose

The website, www.becker.edu, helps Becker College fulfill its mission by providing comprehensive, accurate, relevant, and timely information about its programs and services to prospective and current students and their families; Becker College faculty, staff, students, and alumni; the media; community partners; organizations, funders, and accrediting bodies; and the public. As an organized, well-designed, and managed gateway to Becker College and its web-based content, the site functions to support the College brand, promote access to information, improve business operations, and provide avenues for further engagement with the College.


The website www.becker.edu will:

  • Inform prospective students, parents, current students, and alumni.
  • Be user-friendly with clear navigation, searchable information, and interactive feedback.
  • Contain the most relevant and current information about Becker College programs and services.
  • Provide contact information, be responsive to questions, and consider comments and feedback.
  • Be visually appealing and support the College’s brand standards.
  • Be accessible to users in need of visual or auditory accommodations.

Management Structure

Becker College recognizes the power and the value of teamwork and collaboration. The website should be managed by clearly delineating responsibilities in order to successfully accomplish day-to-day maintenance and effectively manage the College’s web presence. Note: The President’s Cabinet serves as final approver for major initiatives such as additional functionality, prioritizing major projects and upgrades, and expenditures.