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Becker Students Craft Puppet Kits for Kids

Becker Students Craft Puppet Kits for Kids

Published on: September 27, 2019

Students at Becker College have taken on an unusual community service initiative—one that’s designed to brighten the lives of children battling illnesses. On Sept. 25, they gathered to craft puppet kits for youngsters who are receiving treatment at various local hospitals.

“This type of event is important because it allows students to give back to our local community,” said Sara Swillo-Muckian, Director of Campus Activities & Student Leadership.

The goal of the event was to show students how they can give back and engage in community service efforts that go beyond the typical activities, such as a walk or trash pickup.

Students who participated in the Crafts for Kids event cut out puppet pieces and assembled the kits. Three types of kits were created: a fox, butterfly, and dog.

The finished kits will be delivered to three local hospitals, with all the materials needed to assemble the puppets, including coloring supplies, instructions, and a picture of the assembled puppet.

As Swillo-Muckian noted, some Becker students may also be able to see the children enjoy the craft project. “Some of the puppet kits are going to local hospitals, where some of our nursing students perform their clinical work,” she explained.

butterfly, fox, and dog puppet kits for kids

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