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Student Health Insurance

Important Information about Student Health Insurance

Massachusetts state law requires that full-time and three-quarter time (9+ credits) students carry insurance that is equivalent to or better than the state’s minimum standards. The Becker College Student Health Insurance Plan exceeds the minimum standards and is designed to meet the student’s needs while on campus, traveling, and throughout the plan year.  For more information on the Massachusetts student health insurance requirements, go to and search for QSHIP.

If you currently have coverage, it is your responsibility to determine whether it meets or exceeds the coverage available through Becker College. Often a student will have coverage through a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or managed care plan at home that provides limited or no benefits while away at college, other parts of the U.S., or outside of the country. When reviewing your current policy, make sure it will cover you after age 19, that it provides access to care in the Becker College area, and provides comprehensive coverage beyond just emergency care, to include physician and hospital services, and prescription drug coverage.

Note: If you are a full-time student in Massachusetts and eligible for your school-sponsored student health insurance plan, you are not eligible to be covered by the state-subsidized Commonwealth Care Plan and may not waive participation in the Becker College Student Health Insurance Plan.

If you feel you already have adequate private health insurance that will provide coverage for you throughout the entire academic year, you may waive the school-sponsored plan and the insurance charge will be removed from your student account. Students who determine that they have existing comparable coverage will need to complete the online waiver process by September 16, 2020, for the Fall Term. The waiver deadline for newly enrolled students for the Spring semester is February 12, 2021. It is your responsibility to carefully compare your current insurance plan with that offered by Becker College to ensure that the coverage is truly comparable. By completing the waiver, you are attesting to the fact that you are familiar with both plans and will be responsible for providing for your own, or your student’s medical and/or mental health needs should your own insurance prove insufficient.

The online waiver can be found at Choose: Becker College. Choose: Waiver Form. Choose: Traditional Undergraduate.

If you do not have comparable health insurance, or do not complete the online waiver process by September 16, 2020, for newly enrolled and returning Fall students, and February 12, 2021, for newly enrolled Spring students, you will be required to purchase the Annual Student Accident and Sickness plan, and will automatically be enrolled.

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