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Payment Plan Through Tuition Management Systems

Becker College students are eligible to participate in an interest-free monthly payment option administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). This plan allows payment of semester costs over a period of five months. For complete information on this plan, visit the TMS website.

In addition to the monthly TMS bill, students participating in the TMS Payment Plan will receive monthly billing statements from the Office of Student Accounts. Any outstanding student account charges not budgeted on the plan are due to Becker College.

To enroll in the monthly payment plan, please take the following steps:

Sign up your way

  • Online at
  • By phone: call TMS at 800.722.4867
  • By mail: send in the sign-up form directly to TMS

Pay your way

  • Automatic Bank Payment (ACH) from a checking or savings account.
  • Payment by credit card/debit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover), with an added convenience fee.
  • Mail your payment by check to TMS before the due date of the first of the month.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The non-refundable enrollment fee is $50 for the fall semester. There will be another $50 non-refundable enrollment fee for the spring semester.
  • All billed educational costs (tuition, fees, room, and board) are allowable budget costs on the plan.
  • The plan amount may be adjusted as the student’s balance due to Becker College changes from added/dropped courses or adjusted financial aid.
  • A $30 returned payment fee will be charged for each payment attempt that is returned.
  • Payments are due on the first of each month.
    • Becker College reserves the right not to offer the payment plan in cases where applicants have not paid according to their payment schedule.

When Is the Payment Plan Considered Complete?

Your payment plan with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) is considered complete when all scheduled payments have been received at Becker College. However, completion of the payment plan does not mean that all financial obligations to Becker College have been met.

Please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 508.373.9437 for questions regarding your statement or TMS payment plan. We ask that you carefully review your monthly statement mailed by Becker College to ensure all costs are met. It is the responsibility of the student to meet all costs for each semester enrolled.

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