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Student Software

Although you will use several different tools while at Becker, the Student Portal, Canvas, and myBecker will be used most frequently. The Student Portal contains links to all applications that you will use at Becker, including Canvas and myBecker. It also includes links to events, student departments, shuttle schedules, and news.

Canvas is used for all classroom work. myBecker is used to access your bills, financial aid, emergency contact information, and other key items. Below are some helpful FAQs for both Canvas and myBecker:

Student Portal FAQ

Student FAQ

Welcome to the new Student Portal! The portal is designed to give you quick access to the most important items that you need at Becker.

Key features include:

  • Departments and QuickLinks drop downs in the blue navigation bar to find the department or web sites you need quickly.
  •  Everyday Tools icons for tools you use most often like Canvas, myBecker, Insite, and Starfish.
  • “Hot Events” at the top of the screen, followed by CASL, Becker, and Athletic Events.
  • The ability to see your email and calendars from the portal, after you complete the one-time
    setup below.
  • Access the portal at:

Student Portal Image

One-time email and calendar setup:

  • Click the “Click Here to Sign” In link under My Mail.

Office 365 Login Image

  • Enter your email address and network password in the verification screen, then click sign in.
    Your mail and schedule will display.

Student Email Login Image

Canvas Guides

Canvas Student FAQ
  • Highlights:
    Becker College uses the Canvas learning management system. To get started using Canvas, visit the Student Quickstart Guide. For more detailed information on using Canvas, visit the Canvas Student Guide online.
  • In order for Canvas to work properly, you must be using a supported web browser and have Flash installed to use Canvas. Generally, the current version of all major browsers is supported, along with one version back.
    To view the list of supported browsers, visit the Canvas Guide.To Login to Canvas:
  1. To Login to Canvas, visit
  2. Enter your username (i.e. jrsmith.2013) and your network/email password.

Canvas Login Page Image


To Reset my Password

  1. Canvas uses your network/email username and password. If you need to reset it, please go to
    the Password Reset Utility and reset your password for all accounts.

Browser Compatibility:

  1.  If you receive the message below, upgrade your browser.

       Out of Date Signage for Canvas Image

Canvas FAQs for Students:

  • My quiz isn’t available or won’t open.
    • Email your instructor within Canvas.
  • The dates in my Canvas course are all wrong.
    • Email your instructor within Canvas and notify them of the incorrect dates.
  • My course is not showing when I login to Canvas.
    • If you have just registered it will take up to 24 hours for your course to appear on Canvas. If you
      do not see your course the following day, contact your instructor and ask if the course has been
      published. You will not see a course until the instructor publishes it.
  • How do I request help with Canvas?
    • If you are having trouble logging into Canvas, please contact the Help Desk at x1999 or If you have questions specific to your class, please contact your
  • I can’t see some of the images in my course. Is it my browser?
    • If you are using a recommended browser and still can’t see your images, submit a ticket to the
      Help Desk.
  • How do I email my instructor privately?
    • Click the “Inbox” link to bring up your Canvas email. In the To: box, click the silhouette and
      choose your instructor’s name. This will send the message to your instructor only.
  • How do I setup Notification Preferences?
    • Notification Preferences help you select when and how you want to be notified when various
      events occur within your course. You can get your notifications via email, Facebook or text
      message, for example. To set up your Notification Preferences, click on your name in the
      upper right of Canvas, then click Notifications on the left.
  • Where can I learn more about Canvas?
    • For the complete Canvas student learning guide, visit Canvas Guides.

myBecker Videos

myBecker Guides

myBecker Address & Phone FAQ

myBecker is a new portal that allows you to update key information in one place. To update your home
address or crisis contact information, please follow the instructions below.

Adding or Updating and Address

myBecker Login Image

  • To change your Address, click the “Request Address Change” button

Request Address Change Image

  • Enter your Address Line 1, City, State, and Zip Code and click “Add Address”.

Enter Address Details Image

  • Once your address has been submitted, the Registrar’s Office will verify and update it within two business days.

Adding Your Crisis Contact Number

  Add Phone Number Image  

  • Enter your phone number and select the Type. You may add TWO Crisis Contact phone numbers. If you only want one Crisis Contact number, please select Crisis Phone 1. Click “Add Phone” when done. Please note that Crisis Contact numbers will be used to reach you in an emergency.

Enter Phone Number Images

Editing or Deleting Your Crisis Contact Number

  • To delete a number, click the X.
  • To edit a number, click the Pencil.
myBecker Emergency Contact FAQ

myBecker is a new portal that allow to update key information in one place. To update your Emergency Contact or Missing Person contact information, please follow the instructions below.

Adding an Emergency Contact/Missing Person

  • Login to myBecker.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, click on your name and click “Emergency Information”.

myBecker Emergency Update Location Image

  • If you don’t have any contacts already, click “Add New Contact”.

myBecker Add New Emergency Contact Image

  • Enter the person’s name and day time phone. If you want this contact to be your “Missing Person Contact”, click that button as well. Click Add Contact when done. You add multiple emergency contacts/missing person contacts, and they can be different people.

myBecker Emergency Contact Information Form Image

Updating, Deleting, and Confirming Contacts
If you already have a contact in the system, you will see their information in a contact card on your emergency contacts screen. You can update, delete, or confirm that contact. Follow the instructions below.

  • To update a contact, click the Pencil button below. That will allow you to change the information.
  • To delete a contact, click the X button below. That will delete the contact.
  • Please note that if a contact says “Not Confirmed”, you must click the confirm button to confirm that is your contact.

myBecker Contact Information Image

  • Once you confirm a contact, the yellow bar changes to blue and shows the date you have confirmed it.

myBecker Emergency Contact Confirmation Image

myBecker Financial Aid FAQ

myBecker is a new portal that allow to update key information in one place. To view your Financial Aid information, please follow the instructions below.

  • Login to myBecker.
  • Click on Financial Aid

myBecker Home Grid Image

Home Screen:

      myBecker Home Screen Image
Important Information on this page:

  1. Notice of where you are in the process
  2. Announcements – Important information for our students
  3. Checklist – What is missing, what is in process and what has been completed.
  4. Financial Aid Counselor – Who you should contact if you have questions
  5. Resources – Helpful links for completing your requirements and tools to understand financial aid
    and your responsibilities as a financial aid recipient.

What financial aid information is available?
To access additional information, hover over Financial aid at the top to display a drop down menu:

myBecker Financial Aid Dropdown Image

  • Required Documents – This will show you what documents were asked from you and how to
    provide the information.

myBecker Required Documents Image
Note – You can click on the links in the description to get the item requested.

  • My Awards – Similar to the Award letter, however doesn’t have the text around it. Displays the
    award information broken down by types of financial aid

myBecker Awards Received Image
For more information about each award, click view award and then click on about the award.

myBecker Detailed Award Image

If you wish to reduce or cancel a loan, please email our office at

  • Award Letter – This is your official Offer of Financial Assistance. It gives you more information
    about how you were awarded (based on expected enrollment, housing). Gives you other information as well.

myBecker Award Letter Image

myBecker Finance & Billing FAQ

myBecker is a new portal that allow to update key information in one place. To view your statement or pay your bill online, please follow the instructions below.

  • Login to myBecker.
  • In the left of the screen, click on “Student Finance”.

myBecker Student Image

  • Choose an amount you would like to Pay.
  • Choose a Payment Method.
  • Proceed to Payment.
  • Click Pay Now.

myBecker Proceed to Payment Image 

myBecker Pay Now Image

  • Choose payment method and fill out the information and click “Continue”.

myBecker Choose Payment Method Image

  • Read the terms and click “Accept Terms.”

myBecker Read and Accept Terms Image

  • Enter your Billing information and click “Continue”.

myBecker Billing Information

  • Verify your billing information.
  • When ready, click “Submit” once. If you click it more than once, you may be charged again.

myBecker Submit Payment Image

myBecker Proxy Creation FAQ

This document shows students how to add a parent or proxy to access student finances, financial aid and to make payments in myBecker

  • In myBecker all Students will have View/ Add proxy access. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select “View/Add Proxy Access”.

         myBecker Proxy Access Image

  • In the “Select a Proxy” field, click “Add a Proxy” from the drop down.

          myBecker Select Proxy Image

  • Add Proxy details. Last name, First name, Email, Relationship and Allowed Access are required fields. For complete access, select the “Allow Complete Access” button.

          myBecker Create Proxy Access Image

  • For select access, designate the access levels shown below.
    myBecker Set Created User Proxy Permissions Image
  • Click Submit when done.
    myBecker Create Proxy User Submit Button Image
  • On the Password Verification screen, reenter your password for confirmation.
    myBecker Password Re verification Image
  • On the Search Results screen, click continue. Your proxy will receive an email with instructions on how to activate their account.
    myBecker Proxy Search Image
  • Once account is created or updated a confirmation email will be send to proxy creator and to proxy with username information.
    myBecker User Proxy Access Email Image
    *Please note that if your Proxy is a Becker employee, they will use their Becker network account to access your information.


myBecker Proxy Acces FAQ

This document is for Parents or Guardians of Becker College students. The College has new functionality that will allow you to view and pay bills, view financial aid information and view notifications IF your student provides you with that access. Once you receive an email from student, follow the instructions below to setup your account.

  • Once your student creates an account for you, you will see an email similar to the one below with your username.
    myBecker Proxy User Email
  •  You will receive a second email with your password that also looks similar to the below.
    myBecker Proxy User Email with password
  • Once you receive your email and password, go to
  • Login to myBecker with the username and initial password provided in the emails you received.
    myBecker Sign in Page
  • Change your password in the Proxy User Password Reset screen. Your username name will be filled in. Enter the password you received via email in the Current Password field and then type your new password in the
    “New Password” and “Confirm new password” fields.
    myBecker Reset Password Page
  • Once your password change is successful, you will see confirmation message and link to login with your new password.
    myBecker Proxy Password Reset
  • Login by entering your username and your new password.
    myBecker Sign in Page
  • Once logged in you will get an option to select the person’s account you want to view. Select the person and click continue.
    myBecker Proxy User signed in
  • Parents and proxies can view Finance, Financial Aid and Notifications, if that access has been granted by your student. Click the button for the area you would like to see. 

           myBecker Proxy User on their user homepage

If you are student having problems logging into Canvas or myBecker, please contact the Help Desk by using one of the options below:

  • Email the Help Desk at
  • Enter a ticket directly into our new online system or check the status of a current ticket. Log in by clicking here.
  • Chat live with the Help Desk by clicking here.

Faculty Members – If you need help using Canvas or if you’d like additional training in Canvas, please contact the Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology.

For more information about Closure Next Steps: Click here