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Connecting to the Network

On any given day, we see approximately 6,000 devices on the Becker network; this includes employee computers, lab computers, student computers, various game consoles, tablets and smart phones. Becker College utilize OnGuard to help us identify infected computers and malicious activity, this way we are able to keep the network secure for everyone; we allow students to pick the antivirus they would like to use from our list of supported Anti-Virus programs.

Below is a step-by-step guide to gaining access to the Becker College network.  Please note that you must have must have one of the support antiviruses listed in the document below, and the OnGuard agent installed to access the Becker Network. Please follow the instructions below for gaining access to the network.

Connecting Android Devices

Android Devices - Connecting to WiFi

When selecting either BC-Worcester or BC-Leicester on any android device, this screen will pop up.

Image showing which options to chose from. All instructions are in text on the table next to this one. You will want to select:

  1. PEAP for the EAP method
  2. MSCHAPV2 for the Phase 2 Authentication
  3. Do not validate on CA certificate

Then you can login as normal with your credentials that you would use on canvas or myBecker.

Just remember not to put anything in the Anonymous identity or it will not connect.


  • Please note that personal routers are NOT allowed in residence halls. Plugging a router into any campus devices will result in the confiscation of the device.
  • If you are having problems in a student residence hall, please call the student help desk at 800.630.8986.
  • If you are having problems and you are a commuting student (not living in a Becker residence), please call the student help desk at 800.630.8986.
  • For gaming systems, please go to the Online Gaming Page.
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