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Refund Policy and Requirements for Withdrawal & Return of Federal Financial Aid


If you cannot complete a course or cannot attend any courses for which you registered, you must withdraw (“drop”) officially from the class or from the College. The date on which the Registrar’s Office receives and signs the withdrawal request will be the official date of withdrawal and, combined with the last date of recorded academic activity, will determine the amount of any adjustment of tuition, fees, and financial aid after classes have begun.

If you do not complete a course and do not official withdraw from/drop the course, you may be subject to an Unofficial Withdrawal. Unofficial withdrawals can result in a loss of financial aid eligibility and a balance for which the student would be responsible to pay.

All refunds will first be applied to any indebtedness which you may have with the College.

If you need to withdraw from one or more classes, you must obtain a “Withdrawal Form” from the Registrar’s Office.

If you need to withdraw from all classes for the semester, you must contact the Office of Academic Advising to complete a “Withdrawal from College” form.

If you withdraw from the College and are the recipient of Title IV funds, they will be subject to the prorated calculations for determining the refund. These calculations are based on the last recorded date of academic activity. Please note: withdrawing from the College may lead to a return of Title IV funds to the federal government that could result in a balance for which the student would be responsible to pay. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

The College will use the following table to determine your refundable tuition and fees:

Withdrawal from Fall and Spring Terms

10 – 15 Week Classes

  • First Week: 85%
  • Second Week: 75%
  • Third Week: 50%
  • Fourth Week: 25%
  • After Fourth Week: 0%

5 – 9 Week Classes

  • First Week: 100%
  • Second Week: 50%
  • Third Week – 0%


Refunds are calculated on the basis of the number of class sessions scheduled to be completed at the time of the withdrawal, not the number of class sessions attended by the student.

If you do not officially drop your classes within the specified add/drop period or withdraw before the designated deadlines (see Academic Calendar), you are responsible for full tuition and fees for these courses.

Students may be eligible to receive a refund check from Becker College when payments posted to their student account exceed tuition and fees charged. Student can log onto myBecker and check the Account Summary link to confirm their refund eligibility.

For Example: If posting of Title IV Financial Aid (Pell, SEOG, and Direct Loans) results in a credit balance on your Student Account, a refund check will be mailed to your permanent address within 14 days of the aid posting to your student account.

If your credit balance is a result of a Parent PLUS Loan posting to your account, a check will be mailed to the borrower of the loan within 14 days.

Refund checks are mailed to the permanent address that you have provided to Becker College. If your address is incorrect, you must show proper documentation through the Registrar’s Office in order to correct it.

All refunds are reviewed for eligibility prior to processing. If you become ineligible for Financial Aid, all balances due to the reduction or loss of Financial Aid funds are the responsibility of the student.

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