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Financing Your Education

Charges minus aid minus loans equals balance

Becker calculates your balance by totaling your charges and then subtracting all grants, scholarships, loans, and payments made to the account. Bills and balances can always be viewed on myBecker. There are three main ways to pay a balance:

  1. Making payments – Payment options include paying by term or enrolling in the monthly payment plan.
  2. Taking additional loans – Additional loans require a credit check and can be taken out in the parent’s name or the student’s name (requires a credit-worthy co-signer).
  3. Doing a combination of both – Some families prefer to take loans, but to also make payments to Becker in order to minimize the amount borrowed.

Both Financial Aid and Student Accounts will be happy to answer any questions or offer any guidance you might request when figuring out the best payment strategy for your family.

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