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Services Provided

The following is a general list of services that are available to students:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Medication Management
  • Outreach programming
  • Community Referrals

Individual Counseling
Counseling Services offers free individual counseling services without billing health insurance and the peace of mind that counseling records are never made a part of students’ academic records or transcripts. Individual counseling sessions are typically 45-50 minutes in length. We operate from a brief therapy model, meaning that we are not able to provide more intensive outpatient care. If a student requires a higher level of care or more long term care throughout their time here at Becker, Counseling Services will happily help to connect them to an appropriate provider in the community to meet their needs.

Group Counseling
Group counseling is a great way to receive support from peers in an objective setting, to learn new skills, and improve ways of relating to others. Therapy and support groups typically last five to six weeks in duration for approximately an hour and a half in length for each group meeting. Various groups are offered on both campuses throughout the year.

Medication Management
Counseling Services employs a consulting psychiatrist who is in the office 2 times a month. This provides students with the opportunity to have psychiatric care in addition to psychotherapy and counseling services while at Becker. A student must be in ongoing therapy in order to meet with the psychiatrist.

Outreach Programming on Mental Health and Wellness Topics
Counseling Services is available for campus programming on mental health and wellness topics in various forms including: workshops, training, tabling events, etc. to support the Becker Community. To request Outreach Programming please complete the request form.

Sometimes students know that they want to find off campus support but don’t know where to start because the area is new to them. Additionally, sometimes students are seeking services that the Becker College Counseling Services do not provide (neuropsychological assessment, higher level of care, etc.). We are more than happy to help provide information about additional mental health services in the community.

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