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Academic Consulting and Engagement Supports (ACES)

Do you have issues with organization and time management?
Do you find it hard to get your assignments completed on time?
Are you worried about making friends or eating in the dining hall?
Are you concerned with acclimating and being successful at college?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Academic Consulting and Engagement Supports is a program you should consider. Each student in this semester-long program is assigned a coach who assists in building self-confidence, motivation, and self-reliance through the creation of individualized study and life strategies adapted to each student’s needs and style.

Professional Academic Coaches act as guides for students through their transition to college. Coaches and students work together to not only stay on track academically, but to also become fully engaged in campus life.

Why Participate in Academic Consulting and Engagement Supports?

Students who participate in the Academic Consulting and Engagement Supports program are retained at a significantly higher rate and maintain similar grade point averages when compared to other students in their cohort. This pattern can be seen in students in the program as far as three years out.

Enrollment and Cost

The fee for this program is $1,200 per semester. Payments must be paid in-full by the start of the semester and cannot be combined with financial aid packages or paid by outside foundations. If you are interested in enrolling in this program, please complete the enrollment form.

Any questions regarding the ACES program can be directed to Program Operations Manager Michelle Barnes at

Student Testimonial

I’ve been through a few different academic help programs throughout my academic life, but my experience with ACES is something I will always remember. Coming to Becker, I wasn’t ready for the heightened intensity of college. I struggled at the beginning, but working with my Academic Coach helped me improve tremendously. I went from just barely getting by to straight A’s, and I definitely did not learn all these good academic and life habits I have now on my own. To all those that aren’t totally sure about their skills or just want someone to be a safety net for them as that grow, getting involved with the ACES program is the right choice. College can be tough as students try to find their footing, and we need all the help we can get.

Sam Hauser, Program participant Spring 2016-Fall 2018

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