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Violations of Student Conduct

Student Conduct Process

Please see the Becker College Student Handbook for a full description of the Student Conduct process.

When College policy is not observed, the College reserves the right to take disciplinary action through the conduct process. Student Affairs, through the Office of Residence Life and Student Conduct oversee and administer this process.

The conduct process is initiated when an alleged incident of misconduct is reported to Residence Life and Student Conduct staff. The staff may charge students involved for violating College policy and schedule either an administrative hearing or community standards board hearing.

Notification Process

Students accused of violating the Conduct Code will be notified/contacted with the following information:

  • Alleged Conduct Code violation(s) or incident(s)
  • Location and date of the incident, if known
  • Date/Time/Place of the conduct meeting.

The student will be notified in writing or Becker College email of the alleged violations, as well as the time, place, and location of the conduct meeting.* The meeting is closed to the public.

*Should the hearing officer see fit- the student may receive only a warning via their Becker College email rather than a conduct meeting notice.

Meeting Standards

Once the meeting convenes, the hearing officer will:

  • Outline the process.
  • Review the incident report and/or allegations.
  • Hear any statements the student may wish to make relating to the incident.
  • Hear or review the statements or written testimony of witnesses the student may have brought who have relevant and personal knowledge of the incident.
  • Hear or review statements or testimony of any victims, administrators, and/or investigators and other information from the investigation.
  • Either defers the decision, or renders a decision that the student is responsible or not responsible and defines the appropriate sanctions.

The student will also receive a decision in writing via their Becker College email

Preponderance of Evidence

Becker College strives to assure fairness to all parties in the adjudication of all student conduct cases. However, College conduct procedures are not identical to the rights afforded the respondent in a civil or criminal proceeding. Further, a lower standard of proof is required to reach a conclusion than in a criminal proceeding. This means that the greater weight of information which the hearing officer finds credible and convincing warrants a finding of “responsible”. Thus as finding of “responsible” shall be made only if a violation is proven by the preponderance or weight of evidence; i.e., it is more likely than not the violation occurred in the judgement of the hearing officer.

Appeals to Conduct Violation Decisions

Discussions about behavior and decision making are an important part of the educational process. We value those interactions and encourage any student with questions about the process or their particular case to speak with the Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct. Formal appeals are reserved for cases when the consequences are quite severe and can impact the student’s future at Becker College.

Students wishing to appeal a suspension of one year or more or dismissal from the College may do so by submitting a Conduct Appeal form to the party of the decision. In cases involving assault (sexual or physical), both the complainant and responding party may file an appeal. The appeal request must be received within two (2) business days of the receipt by the party of the decision.

In all instances an appeal must demonstrate one or more of the following and explain in detail the support for each basis:*

  • New material information not available at the time of the hearing which might have affected the outcome of the hearing.
  • The decision was inconsistent with existing College policy.
  • The information was insufficient to warrant the action.

*If the appeal does not meet one of the criteria above or is not filed on time, the right to an appeal will not be granted.


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