Worcester Residence Halls

Becker’s character is reflected in the beauty of its historic Victorian-style residences. Contained within a four-block neighborhood, with Sever Street as the focal point, many of the buildings proudly display hand-carved paneling and fireplace mantels, stained glass windows, and detailed woodwork. The oldest, Colton Hall, was obtained in 1936.


Bancroft bedroom full viewBancroft Hall – Bancroft Hall is located at 76 Franklin Street in Worcester. A total of 68 upperclassmen students live in the building. Bancroft Hall is a suite-style building with each room having its own bathroom and small kitchenette (cabinets, sink, NO OVEN/STOVE, and small refrigerator). Each room also has a designated storage closet. Bancroft Hall also contains a lounge space with TV and couches, a computer/printer room, and a new workout space. Becker also provides a shuttle service that transports students from the hall to both the Worcester and Leicester campuses. There is also 24/7 security officer located inside of the building and a Becker College police patrol from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. daily.  Bancroft Hall is a gender inclusive Residence Hall.

Beeches HallBeeches Hall – Beeches Hall, a co-ed residence on the Worcester Campus, offers space for 19 students and has a very “at-home” feel. It has a large and comfortable common room, a large front yard, parking lot, and shared side yard with Bullock Hall. Beeches is one of the homes of the first year Interactive Media and Design Living Learning Community.


Bullock HallBullock Hall – Located on Sever Street, Bullock Hall is a co-ed residence hall for upperclassmen with space for 31 upperclassmen students. Bullock is one of the most beloved residence halls on the Worcester Campus, offering a front porch, front yard, sunroom, parking lot, and shared yard with Beeches Hall.


Cedar HallCedar Hall – Located at the heart of campus on Fruit Street, Cedar Hall is a co-ed freshmen residence that houses 22 students. It offers hardwood floors, a spacious common room with leather chairs and couches, and a screened-in porch. The backyard has a sand volleyball court, horseshoe pit, and lights for nighttime activities.


Cypress HallCypress Hall – Cypress Hall houses 30 students and is one of the homes for the first year Interactive Media and Design Living Learning Community. The residence is adjacent to Beeches Hall and has a large front and side yard. A common area and shared kitchen are located within the hall.


Davis HallDavis Hall – Located across from the Boutin Student Center, Davis Hall is home to 23 upperclassmen students. Residents enjoy a beautiful sunroom and a large common area. Davis also boasts a grand stairwell and stained glass features.


Houghton Hall kitchenetteHoughton Hall – Located at 82 Franklin Street (next to Bancroft Hall), Houghton Hall is an upperclassmen apartment style building that has recently been renovated. Amenities include full kitchenettes with stove tops, convection microwave ovens, and full size refrigerators. Each unit has its own private, three-piece bathroom. Like Bancroft Hall, Houghton will have access to lounge spaces with TVs and couches, study rooms, and a brand new workout space. Houghton and Bancroft will have 24/7 security officers located inside the building. Houghton is a Gender Inclusive residence hall.


Lincoln HallLincoln Hall – Located on Cedar Street, Lincoln Hall shares a backyard with the Boutin Student Center and Colton Hall. Residents of Lincoln, Colton, and Cedar Halls have access to a sand volleyball court and horseshoe pit. Lincoln Hall houses 21 freshmen.


Magnolia HallMagnolia Hall – Magnolia Hall is located on Martson Way directly across from the Weller Academic Center.  Magnolia offers 31 first-year co-ed spaces along with a full kitchen located in the third floor common room.


Maple HallMaple Hall – Acquired in 1944, Maple Hall has a distinctive round tower which was modeled after a French chateau, and contains elaborately finished maple wood. It is a co-ed freshman residence hall with space for 41 students. It offers a large common area with a fireplace and unique wooden mantel. Maple Hall is located near Elm Park, which is one of the oldest parks in the United States.


Merrill HallMerrill Hall – An upperclassman house located on Oak Street, Merrill Hall offers 36 spaces, a full-sized kitchen, laundry room, fully furnished common room, and multipurpose study area. Merrill Hall is home to the upperclassmen Interactive Media and Design Living Learning Community.


Miller HallMiller Hall – Miller Hall offers 24 residential spaces for first year students. Located in the lower part of the campus, it offers a comfortable common area, and a large kitchen.


Oak HallOak Hall – Oak Hall is located on Martson Way across from the Weller Academic Center.  Oak offers 16 co-ed room spaces for both first year and upperclassmen students.  The building also offers a beautiful kitchenette area including a sink, microwave and community refrigerator in the 1st floor common room with hardwood floors in all rooms.


Becker College - Spruce HallSpruce Hall –Spruce Hall is an apartment style residence hall for 65 upperclassmen students. Spruce is located on Fruit Street near Cedar Hall and the Design Building.  Spruce Hall has single, double, and triple apartments with full kitchen (oven/stove, sink, cabinets) and 3-piece bathroom. Spruce Hall is a Gender Inclusive Residence Hall.


Willow HallWillow Hall – Willow Hall is an apartment style residence hall upperclassmen students. The large brick building, located across the street from the Boutin Student Center, houses 99 students in 3 person apartments featuring full kitchens (oven/stove, sink, cabinets) and 3-piece bathrooms. A front court yard opens up onto Cedar Street.  Willow Hall is a Gender Inclusive Residence Hall.