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Life On Campus

Our staff is invested in creating a dynamic living experience for our students. Full-time, live-in professional Area Coordinators and a committed student staff of Resident Assistants provide programming and support to help Becker’s students succeed. Studies show that students who live on campus are happier with their college experience, get better grades, become involved in their campus community, and are more likely to graduate.

Live-in Staff Positions

Area Coordinators

The area coordinator (AC) is a full-time, live in professional who holds an advanced degree and works actively with staff and students to promote a safe and positive living environment for an area of residence halls on campus. ACs oversee the day-to-day management of these areas as well supervise the resident assistants of that area. In addition each area coordinator manages major departmental projects and serve as a campus hearing officer who adjudicates violations of campus policies. An AC is on-call 24 hours a day on both campuses to meet the needs of residential students.

Meet Our Professional Staff

Resident Director

The Resident Directors (RDs)—the most visible staff members to students—work in residence halls to build inclusive communities RDs are selected based on their leadership potential; interpersonal abilities; positive, caring attitudes; and sense of commitment. They are paraprofessional student leader who reside in the residence halls to serve as a role model and educator for residents in the residential community. They are capable and knowledgeable staff members who receive training in a wide range of areas, including responding to emergencies, mediating roommate conflicts, accurately referring students to campus support services, planning social and academic programs, and more. The Resident Director is expected to be a resource to students, educating them about services, opportunities, code of conduct, safety and security measures, policies, and guidelines for the residence halls. They facilitate floor meetings and programs for residents and assist living and learning communities in delivery of services and resources.

The designated halls for incoming students are listed below. For more information about our housing options, please visit our On Campus Housing page.

Our First-Year Residence Halls

Leicester Campus

  • Knight Hall
  • Hampshire Hall

Worcester Campus

  • Lincoln Hall
  • Cypress Hall
  • Davis Hall
  • Beeches Hall
  • Magnolia Hall
  • Cedar Hall
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