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Living Learning Communities

The mission of Living Learning Communities at Becker College is to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences to foster characteristics of leadership, social responsibility, and creative expression. Living Learning Communities cultivate interactions among students, faculty, and staff by building a community of scholars who share common interests. 

What Is a Living Learning Community?

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students who live in the same residence hall and share a common interest or academic goal. Although each LLC will have a different theme, goals, and programs, they all strive to:

• Facilitate personal relationships among students, faculty, and staff.
• Build nurturing, welcoming atmospheres to increase learning and student retention.
• Encourage student participation in a variety of activities that foster a learning environment.

What are the benefits of participating in a Living Learning Community?

Being a part of an LLC will provide the residents with a mutual support network, offer evening social events, and have programs catered to the theme of the community, designed to enhance the overall Becker College experience. Some other benefits for participating residents are:

• Opportunities to develop a network of friends and meet those who share a common goal.
• Support to help improve grades.
• Help and encouragement through peer networking.
• A residential setting that is an active, supportive, and exciting place in which to live and learn!


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