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Recognized Student Organizations

Becker College makes every effort to support new clubs and student organizations. Since student interests vary from year to year, new ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Opportunities to Get Involved:

Audio Engineering Society

The goal of the Becker Audio Engineering Society is to create a friendly, collaborative, and creative forum for young sound designers, voice actors, DJs, recording engineers, and music composers/producers to network with each-other and build their respective skills.

Becker College Automotive Club

The Becker College Automotive Club encourages its members to learn how to perform basic maintenance, help other members build friendships, promote responsible driving, and to build a community that allows for a feeling of belonging and inclusion through events such as car meets, car shows, etc.

Becker College Cosplay Club

Becker College Cosplay Club’s purpose is to provide other’s with the information necessary to make their own costumes at home, as well as to provide fun activities in the club to further explore their hobbies and improve their skills as cosplayers. Club members are expected to be respectful and helpful to one another and aid in growing together.

Becker College Dance Club

The Becker College Dance Club allows for students to express themselves through dance and share their appreciation for the art with their fellow peers. The club will not only be of enjoyment to its members, but will hopefully entertain it’s audience as well through our performances.

Becker College Drama Club

The Becker College Drama Club was created to give those who love theater. Our club was created as a place where they can go to express themselves in various ways. We accept all members, with all levels of experience.

Becker Education through Service

The purpose of this club shall be to nurture, train, and socialize service-dog puppies, and prepare them for formal service-dog training; to provide a safe environment for service-dog puppies; to use NEADS’ instructional resources and to positively represent NEADS in our community.

Becker E-Sports

The purpose of this Committee is as follows:  To connect the Becker Community through healthy yet competitive games, to work with other gaming related clubs and promote the gaming industry, to expand E-sports culture and to promote competitive players, and to work with any school/club/players that wish to compete in any E-sports.

Becker’s Future Farmers of America Alumni & Friends Chapter

The purpose of this chapter is to promote the FFA organization, through outreach programs and volunteer work with local organizations. The Chapter provides an atmosphere where FFA alumni and new members can collaborate and share ideas that promote citizenship, volunteerism, and social responsibility in our local community. The main objectives of the Chapter are to collaborate with local organizations that share our same values and to offer mentor ship to high school FFA chapters and students.

Becker College Livestock Club

The main purpose of this Livestock Club is to offer an opportunity for students at Becker College to gain as much experience with Livestock and farm animals. There is only one course offered (soon to be two) at Becker College that has a heavy livestock hands on portion, and it is only offered to Vet Science majors. This club will allow students to participate in the club with the various events and activities that we offer. We will be going on farm tours, having guest speakers, holding fundraisers for shelters, and volunteering. We will also visit different barns in the surrounding area and experience some hands on activities, whether its helping sheer sheep or taking care of foals after birth. Our main goal is to help students feel more comfortable around these animals and gain a appreciation with how these animals are used around the world.

Becker College Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Frisbee team plays informal pick up games a few times a week for an hour or two on the Leicester campus. All experience levels are welcome, Ultimate is a very easy sport to learn and you can google “Ultimate in 10 simple rules” to learn the basics easily. We can teach proper throws and form to anyone wanting to learn. Spread the word and invite your friends, we are co-ed.

Becker Gaming Tournaments

Becker gaming Tournaments was a founded in an attempt to unite the more competitive members of our college community on a battlefield we could call our own. We aimed to create a simple resource for students to access, create, and manage tournaments of their favorite competitive video games. Through this club, we also hope to raise exposure for the many talented gamers that have enrolled here at Becker College. We want to provide an environment for players to come together and enjoy doing something they love, be it in a competitive environment or simply showing up for some casual games. We wish to cater to all of those who want to introduce their favorite games to people. For those who have embraced the competitive life, the Gaming Tournaments Club also serves as a resource to locate tournaments in other areas, be it Massachusetts, or anywhere else in New England, and send them out to represent Becker College.

Becker Music Club

We, the members of the Becker Music Club (BMC), established to provide inspiration as well as creative expression through music for students, staff, and faculty. BMC will work with the Becker, Worcester, and Leicester communities to help individuals and groups express themselves through all forms of music. Using the universal language of music BMC aims to connect multiple campus and community cultures, do ordain and establish this constitution and subscribe to the regulations and policies of Becker College.

Becker P.R.I.D.E

Becker Pride is a club that aims to bring awareness to the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) communities through education while providing a safe space for Becker students (LGBTQ+ or allies) to be open about their identities. Becker Pride is looking to expand and become a place for LGBTQ + students and allies to openly discuss issues facing our communities, while also making friends with common experiences and become a strong source of support. This club is a welcoming environment for students who wish to connect with other students like themselves.

Becker Tabletop Gaming Club

The purpose of the BTGC is to make an easy way for tabletop gamers of all skill levels to connect and set up games, either with their own group or with new people. The club will focus on two aspects: Longer term tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons that would require weekly commitment, and simpler tabletop games that can be set up and played in one night on a whim. People will be able to sign up for whatever roles they desire, whether they want to participate in a game or try running one themselves. Our goals are to get as many people on the campus who enjoy or are interested in tabletop games signed up for the club. The more people that are signed up, the more people can be reached for games and events by other members. One does not need to participate in both aspects to enjoy the club; they can participate in only the longer running campaigns or just the single night events as they so please. We want to create a network of gamers across the school to bring the community together more. Currently, the Becker tabletop communities consist of several isolated groups who mostly interact within themselves and do not reach out to others. By forming a unified club, we hope to encourage collaboration between the groups and to create a unified Becker tabletop community.

Black Student Union

The purpose of the Black student Union at Becker College is to promote a more diverse campus atmosphere, educate the Becker Community about Black History and culture, promote a positive image of the Black community, promote a sense of belonging amongst Black students, and strive for academic excellence.

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board is a group of students responsible for planning events for the Becker College student body. Board members review performing acts, ideas, trips, and other suggestions, and then create a student activities calendar that offers a variety of activities and entertainment.

Film Study Club

The purpose of Film Study Club is to find people who have an interest in movies and are open to discussing them. Film Study Club will help better the member’s knowledge of films though communication with others. The club provides a safe place for people to speak freely about their opinions on the movie we watched and give it an appropriate rating out of five stars.

Friday Night Club

The Friday Night club programs activities that will occur every Friday night. These activities include game nights, movie nights, playing online games together, etc. This will provide students with a variety of different activities to participate in every week.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is in place to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. We believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities (Habitat for Humanity Organization). As a club we aim towards making the world we live in a better place, one where everyone gets a chance at a stable life. One of the most important aspects will be found through fundraising. At which, require involvement of our local community and thus will fund our efforts towards giving back. Habitat for Humanity, aliased as Habitat, will provide rewarding service to those directly affected and yourself.”

International Game Developer Association

Becker IGDA promotes the idea that students should attend industry events for the sake of networking and developing a perspective of the ever changing game development scene to start education outside the classroom. Becker IDGA hosts events to bring in speakers who have worked in the field to talk to students about their experience in the industry. We also run events that promote the idea of developing games as an extracurricular activity as an official chapter of the International Game Developers Association.

Marine Wildlife Conversation Club

The purpose of this club is to participate in clean-up/conservation projects related to marine wildlife/environmental health. A large part of this is education awareness to the public and often involves cooperation with other marine organizations such as the New England Aquarium. The members’ common interest in marine life/environmental conservation also allows us to engage in social activities involving marine life/environmental focus (i.e. whale watches, etc.). MWCC elects 4 representatives to go assist in the Mazunte Turtle Project in Oaxaca, Mexico every winter break.

National Student Nurse’s Association

We are a group of individuals who represent the nursing students of the Becker community. We strive for community outreach by fundraising and volunteer work.

Pre-Veterinary Club

The Pre-Vet Club works to help animals in our community as well as communities across the country and around the world. We hold events and fundraisers to help our students learn about the Veterinary field. We hope to help our members grow as human beings and global citizens while also helping animals.

Student Chapter of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America

Our mission is to promote the vet tech profession through awareness of the responsibilities involved and for students with an interest in the field of veterinary technology to explore career opportunities and further their education outside of the classroom

Student Governance Advisory Board

It shall be the duty of the Becker College Student Governance Advisory Board to serve as the voice and represent the overall student community of the College. The Board will represent student interests, promote unification between the two campuses, increase student engagement and participation in policy-related conversations, foster understanding of the Becker core values, enhance communication channels between students, faculty and administrators, oversee the Recognized Student Organizations (RSO’s) including budget and active status processes, and promote the general welfare of the undergraduate student body.

Young Americans for Liberty

Our chapter’s objective is to encourage free speech and civil discourse at Becker College. At our meetings we will be discussing current issues to allow people to hear multiple arguments and opinions. We want people to have their ideas challenged so that they can grow as individuals. These meetings will serve as a safe environment for these discussions as we will be promoting a culture of respect within our membership. In addition, we will be promoting free speech through events. These events may include guest speakers from outside the college, who work in various fields and come from various backgrounds.

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