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Campus Activities Board

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The Campus Activities Board provides student-led social, cultural, and educational events for Becker College students in line with the College’s goals and mission. The Campus Activities Board seeks to provide excellent programming framed within the values of social responsibility, creative expression, community, and diversity. The board strives to offer fun and engaging activities to all Becker students, on both campuses, to enrich campus life and build community.

Program offerings include a diverse variety of interests and activities and encompass the creative efforts of the board’s student members. The Campus Activities Board is comprised of student leaders who are role models to their peers, committed to shaping the campus community and culture, who demonstrate high standards of academic excellence, a sincere commitment to the College’s core values and to providing consistent programming opportunities.

Please contact the Campus Activities Board or the Campus Activities and Student Leadership Office at

Campus Activities Board Mission Statement

The mission of the Campus Activities Board is to provide a wide range of activities to students at Becker College, consisting of new and different events as well as traditional programs. As a student organization, the Campus Activities Board tries to appeal to the many different interests of students at the College. The Board encourages student engagement on campus to attract a diverse range of involvement and ideas, creativity in event planning, and excellence in event implementation and leadership. The Campus Activities Board is open to all students who would like to be involved, are committed to upholding this mission and have a desire to contribute to the enrichment of campus life at Becker College.

Ways to get involved with the Campus Activities Board

There are several ways to get involved with the Campus Activities Board:CAB Members Pose with President Crimmin

  • Attend CAB events
  • Be involved as a General Member
  • Become an Executive Board member

Begin your involvement with the Campus Activities Board by attending a weekly general member meeting. General member meetings take place on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. in the Minutemen Room, Fuller Campus Center, Leicester.

General Members

General Members will help in every stage of the event planning process — from brainstorming event ideas to implementing and attending them. No prior experience in event planning is necessary to be involved as a general member – this is a great way to gain experience! We ask that you be interested in providing fellow students with quality programs and be willing to be a part of the event planning process.

Executive Board

The Executive Board will also work on the various event planning logistics with the additional responsibility of serving as mentors to the general members of the Campus Activities Board, as well as being the primary points of contact for vision, direction, and guidance among the Campus Activities Board leadership team for events.

Attend CAB Events

Keep up with CAB events by following us on social media.

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All Becker College students are invited and eligible to serve as general members of the Campus Activities Board. In line with the College’s core value of excellence, each Campus Activities Board executive board member must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.5 per semester. By meeting this standard, members of the board will demonstrate a commitment to excellence within the classroom, as well as balance and a well-roundness outside the classroom. 

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