Technology / Internet

Network Authentication: For general computer access, use the BCStudent network. Becker will provide you with Sophos antivirus and antimalware software. You are also required to install Forescount CounterACT on your computer to access the network. Detailed information on both Sophos and CounterACT can be found here after Aug. 1st 

Cable and wireless

We are happy to report that all residence halls offer wireless internet access.  This means all of your electronic devices that connect to the network need a wireless adapter. Please note that hard wired connections are not available. Cable TV service is Digital High Definition. In order to access the cable TV service on campus, your television must HD compatible or have a digital QAM tuner. Most TVs manufactured in the past 5 years have built in QAM turners.  To determine if your TV is QAM compatible, look up the make/model # in Google or look at the TV’s user manual. With the exception of Bancroft, Willow and Spruce all of our residence halls also offer wired internet access.

Game Consoles

Connect all game consoles to the BCGame network using the password “mlbtheshow”.  Please note that only game consoles are allowed on this network.