Conduct Appeals

Discussions about behavior and decision making are an important part of the educational process.  We value those interactions and encourage any student with questions about the process or their particular case to speak with the Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct.  Formal appeals are reserved for cases when the consequences are quite severe and can impact the student's future at Becker College.

Students wishing to appeal a suspension of one year or more or dismissal from the College may do so by submitting a Conduct Appeal form to the party of the decision.  In cases involving assault (sexual or physical), both the complainant and responding party may file an appeal.  The appeal request must be received within two (2) business days of the receipt by the party of the decision.

In all instances an appeal must demonstrate one or more of the following and explain in detail the support for each basis:

  1. New material information not available at the time of the hearing which might have affected the outcome of the hearing.
  2. The decision was inconsistent with existing College policy.
  3. The information was insufficient to warrant the action. 

*If the appeal does not meet one of the criteria above or is not filed on time, the right to an appeal will not be granted.

Click to file a Conduct Appeal Form.