Happy Summer! Becker College will be closed on Fridays, beginning June 22 until August 10.

The Conduct Code

Becker College roots its philosophy of conduct in its core values, with a firm belief that accountability and integrity are fundamental characteristics in maturity and necessary for communal living and academic pursuits. The rules, policies, and regulations of the College, collectively known as the Conduct Code, help foster a community which values individual growth and development socially, academically, and developmentally, and where students can learn in a positive and vibrant educational community.

The College reserves the right to deny the privilege of continued enrollment or residency to any student whose conduct or attitude is believed to be detrimental to the welfare of the College. Student Affairs has responsibility for student discipline, for the benefit and welfare of individual students as well as the entire College community. The College reserves the right to dismiss a student at any time without any definite public charge.

Good conduct, civility, and accountability are important tenets of any community—and especially a college community such as Becker College. Behavior of students in and out of the classroom is expected to reflect the values of the institution and respect the rights of others, including the right to study and live in a civil and respectful environment. Students who infringe on the rights of others will be asked to leave the community. The College views the education of students to be a partnership with students and their parents/guardians, and asks that all understand and agree to this basic premise: Students are expected to respect all College policies as well as local, state, and federal laws. Failure to do so will result in a range of disciplinary sanctions. The Conduct Code applies to any conduct that occurs on College premises and at sponsored activities and events, and includes off-campus conduct that adversely affects the College and or the community.

Becker College believes that the relationship between the College, the student, and the family is vitally important. The College reserves the right to contact parents/guardians regarding the health and welfare of their student when there is concern about a student’s behavior and/or if a student has violated College policy regarding alcohol and or other drugs. The official form of communication and correspondence at Becker College is through the Becker College e-mail system. Therefore, any disciplinary notifications and information will be sent to a student’s Becker assigned e-mail address. It is every student’s responsibility to monitor and manage their email daily. Failing to read an email is not an excuse for missing a deadline or appointment.

Conduct Code Definitions

Hearing Officer: Any person or persons authorized by the Vice President of Student Affairs to determine whether a student has violated the Conduct Code and to recommend imposition of sanctions.

Designee: Refers to a staff member who is responsible for implementing the student conduct process at the request of the Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct.

Member of the College Community: Any person who is a student, faculty member, staff, official, or any other person employed by the College.

Club, Organization, or Team: A group of persons who are recognized by the College. If charges are alleged against a club, organization, or team, the executive boards, captains, or otherwise titled students responsible will be required to respond to the charges and may be asked to represent the group in the discipline process.

Student: All individuals taking courses at Becker, both full and part-time, enrolled in undergraduate or professional studies programs, are considered students. Those who have a continuing relationship with the College, even if they are on leave, are also considered students.

Becker Official: Any employee who performs assigned administrative or professional responsibilities,including, but not limited to: campus police officers, area coordinators, resident assistants, deans, directors, faculty, and staff.

Becker Premises: All land, buildings, facilities, and other property in the possession of or owned,used, leased, or controlled by Becker (including adjacent streets and sidewalks).