Housing Accommodation Requests

Becker College strives to create intentional, comfortable, and supportive living communities that create a seamless living and learning environment. We recognize that occasionally, students may need housing accommodations in order to be successful. To help make certain each student receives an appropriate housing assignment the following process has been developed to review all requests for special housing accommodations.

The Student Accommodations Committee evaluates requests made by students seeking housing accommodations. In an effort to respond to these requests as fairly and knowledgeably as possible, members of this committee will be comprised of Residence Life and Housing, Health Services, Counseling Services and Collaborative Learning Center.

Deadlines for Submitting a Request for Housing Accommodations:

The student will need to complete and submit either a New Accommodation Application or an Accommodation Renewal Form by the following dates to have their request considered,

June 22, 2018 for students entering Becker for the Fall 2018 semester.

Applying for a New Accommodation

Applying for a new accommodation is a two step process.  The first part is an online form to be submitted by the student.  The second part requires a letter to be submitted by a non-parental treatment provider (i.e. counselor, therapist, physician, etc.). Treatment providers should be an ongoing provider with knowledge of the specific diagnosis that the student has seen on a regular basis, within the previous six months. Criteria required in the letter can be found in the form and below.  If you are requesting an emotional support animal please see the ESA section below.

Step 1Student Completes the Online Application

Step 2: Treatment provider submits a letter on practice letterhead and should include the following information based on accommodation type,

Academics - Any accommodation that is related to school work or the classroom

Dining- Any accommodation that is related to diet or meals.

Medical- Any accommodation that is related to medication, medical needs, etc.

Mental Health- Any accommodation that is related to mental health conditions.

Emotional Support Animals

An emotional support animal is considered a dog or other common domestic animal that provides therapeutic support to an individual with an identified disability. These animals do not meet the ADA definition of a Service Animal, but may qualify under the Fair Housing Act. Support animals may not be brought to housing without prior approval. Approved support animals are only permitted within a student’s on-campus housing assignment; they may not be permitted in academic buildings, cafeterias and/or other college facilities. Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and requires prior comprehensive documentation and approval.


Frequently Asked Questions

Renewing an Accommodation Request

Students renewing a previously approved accommodation need to complete the form below.  The provider from the original accommodation request must sign the Accommodation Request Renewal Form verifying that there are no modifications affecting the current accommodation.

Review and Notification Process

The Student Accommodations Committee will review each student request including the supporting documentation provided and make a decision about the request.  If necessary, decisions will also include housing placement based on the accommodation requested.  Students will be notified of the committees decision through their Becker College email account.

Consideration is given based on the date all documentation is submitted and space availability.  If accommodation documentation is not received by the dates listed above, requests may not be reviewed and granted until the following semester; this decision is made on a case by case basis.

It should be noted that simply submitting the Request for Housing Accommodations form does not guarantee the request will be granted.  Accommodations are made on a needs-based and space available basis.  Housing accommodation requests need to be submitted each year, they do not carry forward.

For more information or any questions about accommodation requests please email Stephanie Crane.