Happy Summer! Becker College will be closed on Fridays, beginning June 22 until August 10.

Student Work Order Guidelines

  • One work order should be placed for each problem/repair. Do not put multiple repairs/issues on one work order, even if they are in the same room or area.

  • The online work order system is for maintenance and housekeeping issues only.

  • For computer, networking, or cable issues, click here.

Any routine repairs in student rooms, suites, bathrooms, lounges, or hallways in the building, as well as replacement of items such as lights, should be submitted through the online work order system. You will be able to track progress on the request through emails reporting on the status of your request, from submission to completion.  If you have an emergency repair, do not use the work order system. Emergency repairs should be reported immediately to the Campus Police Department at 508.373.9555 or to a residence life staff member.

What is the difference between routine repairs and emergencies?

Routine repairs are problems that can be scheduled and do not require immediate attention—even if you would like it taken care of as soon as possible.  Examples of routine repairs include a burned-out light bulb, broken or sticking drawers or cabinets, broken blinds, and rodents/pests.

Emergency repairs are identified as anything that requires immediate attention to avoid serious injury or damage.  Emergency repairs include broken water or gas pipes, a power failure, water backing up from a drain, any potential fire or shock hazard, and heating problems.

When a student requests repair work, he/she automatically gives authorization for Becker College personnel or to an authorized agent to enter the room or area to complete repairs, whether or not anyone is home. Maintenance work may require a follow-up visit.

For questions or comments, email FacilitiesManagement@becker.edu.