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  • Guest Policy: Each guest(s) is NOT PERMITTED to stay more than 2 consecutive nights, within a 7-day period.

    Becker College affords its students the opportunity to have guests on campus and the privilege to entertain guests in a room or suite, as long as the room/suitemate’s rights to access, privacy, and the freedom to study and sleep free from disturbance are respected. Becker defines guests as nonstudents and, in the residential setting, any persons who are not current residents of the room/suite/apartment they are visiting. At all times, guests must be in the presence of their student host. Each host student is responsible for the conduct of the guest and the consequences of that conduct. Guests are expected to comply with all Becker policies. For more information on guest policies, please refer to the Becker College Student Handbook.
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  • Please make sure the guest email address is correct.
  • Guest(s) must carry a valid picture ID and Guest Pass and must present it to the Becker College personnel upon request.