Profiles in Excellence: Stories of Graduating Seniors

Meet members of the Class of 2013, who will be graduating at the College's historic 225th Becker College Commencement. These profiles exemplify the Becker College graduate: individuals who are guided by the core values of accountability, excellence, community and diversity, social responsibility, integrity, and creative expression, and who are prepared to fulfill our mission to thrive, contribute to, and lead in a global society.

  • Luis Sanchez - Business/Sports Management

    Since January 2012, visitors to, especially prospective business and sports management majors, have been introduced to Sanchez. His was one of the first sports management success stories added to the newly redesigned website. At that time, he was a wide receiver on the Becker College football team, a resident assistant on the Leicester Campus, and he was already planning for his future, to coach football and become a teacher.

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  • Caroline Plunkett - Exercise Science

    When Caroline Plunkett, from the small beach town of Belle Harbor, Queens, N.Y., began life as a Becker College freshman, she never dreamed she would be contemplating a career as a doctor of physical therapy. How things change.

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  • Pam Yaylaian, Cecilia Pierce, Shannon Gamache

    Students between the ages of 25 and 60-plus are beginning to outpace their traditional-age counterparts on the college scene. Pam Yaylaian, Cecilia Pierce, and Shannon Gamache are among those soon-to-be-graduates, and they happen to be grandmothers.

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  • Brooke Cote - Veterinary Science, Pre-Veterinary

    Cote has taken the Becker College Global Citizenship Initiative to heart. She became a volunteer for the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association Charities Mazunte Turtle Project, a program that works to preserve the sea turtle populations in Mexico.

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  • Anthony Botelho - Game Programming & Development

    His final year at Becker has taken Botelho on a series of all-nighters, leading up to a serious accomplishment. In March 2013, he showed his senior project to more than 80,000 game enthusiasts at PAX East...

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