Nursing Pinning Ceremony

Saturday, May 11, 2013
3:00 p.m.
Daniels Hall, Leicester Campus

Nursing: A Profession of Caring

Director of Nursing
Linda Esper, Ed.D., RNFull-Time Faculty
Charlene Diller, MSN, RNC-OB,
Sharon DiPasquale, MSN Ed., RN
Elizabeth Horn, MSN, ANP-BC,
Carole Howe, Ph.D., RN
Margaret McNeil, CAGS, MS, RN
Enoh Ukpong, Ph.D., RNClinical Facilitators
Janet Davis, MS, BSN, RN
Susan Provost, MSN, RNClinical Liaison
Joyce Grigaitis, M.Ed., RNNursing Education Specialist
Margery Orr, DNS, RN
Adjunct Faculty
Ann Brown, DNP, MSN, CPN, RN
Angela Chatis, MA, MSN, CAGS, RN
Gail Chavoor, BSN, RN
Patricia Clark, MS, RN
Theresa Cyr, BSN, RN
Julie Everett, BSN, RN
E. Coleen Fritsche, MSN, NP, RN
Judy Hatstat, MSN, RN
Anne Holland, MSN, RN
Anita Mitchell, BSN, RN
Jane Mweri, BSN, RN
Kathryn Nazer, MS, NP, RN
Stepheni Roche, BSN, RN
Laurie Teece, MSN, RN
Jessica Valentine, BSN, RN
Robin Van Liew, MSN, RNAdministrative Assistants
Heather Curtis
Nancy Driscoll


Pinning Committee
Margaret McNeil, CAGS, MS, RN
Margery Orr, DNS, RNSound and Music Arrangements
Frank Mangan
Melenie Anderson
Giovanna Schofield
Olivia Tisdell
Charalee Zukowski

Program of Events

Mistress of Ceremonies
Welcome from the College President
Welcome form the Nursing Department Director
Keynote Speaker
Presentation of Class
Presentation of Pins
Presentation and Lighting of the Lamps

Nursing Pledge
Presentation of NSNA Cords
Class Reflections
Closing Remarks

“Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring” by Johann Sebastian Bach
Kailee Adams
Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D.
Linda Esper, Ed.D., RN
Sharon DiPasquale, MSN Ed., RN
Laurie Teece, MSN, RN
Enoh Ukpong, Ph.D., RN
Elizabeth Horn, MSN, ANP-BC, WHNP-BC, RN
Janet Davis, MS, BSN, RN
Susan Provost, MSN, RN
Angela Chatis, MA, MSN, CAGS, RN
Carole Howe, Ph.D., RN
Jennifer Bernard
Margaret McNeil, CAGS, MS, RN
“Ode to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven

Refreshments following ceremony.

Class of May 2013

Kailee M. Adams*
Stacey L. Barrette*
Gianna M. Battista
Jennifer Bernard*
Emily M. Bouthillette
Marissa Brait
Jennifer Clark*
Aneta Dhillon*
Renata Eydelman*
Eric Johnson
Hanna Kim*
Maria A. Kulma
Juliana Martins-DaSilva
Lisa O'Brien*
Sarah O'Connor*
Nancy G. Rivera*
Kristen D. Rodman
Alexandria M. Rodriguez
Seth R. Southall
Kacie R. St.Onge
Thomas Alexander Wise

*National Student Nurse Association Members

National Student Nurse Association Officers

Vice President
Erin Showstead
Jennifer Bernard
Elizabeth Haran
Renata Eydelman

Nurse's Pin, Lamp, and Cap

The nursing pin's origins date back to the Crusades, when a coat of arms was displayed. When schools of nursing were established, Florence Nightingale chose the Maltese cross for her first nursing school. As the profession developed, each school chose its unique pin. The Becker College nursing pin was designed by Carol E. Walsh, RN, MSN, a member of the nursing faculty from 1983 until her retirement in 2000.

The lamps symbolize Florence Nightingale visiting her patients during the Crimean War. The nursing cap's original purpose was a head covering to keep the hair neatly in place and present a modest appearance. It is believed that the black band on the nurse's cap is a memorial to Florence Nightingale. Each school had its own cap design.

The green-colored ribbon on the nursing pins is meant to honor the memories of the victims of the tragedies at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Boston Marathon.

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