Academic Awards Ceremony 2013

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Academic Achievement Award

This scholarship award is presented to second- and third-year students in each area of study, who will be continuing their studies and who show significant promise or early achievement.

2012-2013 Recipients

Jonathan Muñoz
Thomas J. Perron, Jr.

Janice McPartland Award

This award honors the memory of Janice McPartland, one of the founding members of the Academic Achievement Awards and longtime Becker staff member.

Chris Larke

Aspiring Scholar Award

The Aspiring Scholar Award recipients have been selected by the faculty in their departments and represent underclassmen who show early promise in their field of study.


Interior Design Kelsea Rantala
Graphic Design Katie Stocking
Game Design Andrew Niemi, Jonathan Niemi
Game Programming Bradley Rienstra
Business Bryant Sullivan
Criminal Justice Christopher Lizotte
Criminal Justice: Forensics/Crime Scene Processing Katelyn Burns
Humanities & Languages Alexander Nolin
Exercise Science Todd Burnett
Early Childhood Education Kayla Murphy
Elementary Education Michael Smith
Elementary Education Laurie Nunn
Psychology Conor Richard
Psychology Freyre Figueroa
Forensic Psychology Roscoe Gay
Organic Chemistry Samantha Gooch
Nursing Seta Derderian
Nursing: Prelicensure BSN Alex Maina
Nursing: RN to BSN Keziah Duodu
Equine Studies Briana Gosselin
Veterinary Technology Tara Lundgren
Animal Care Haley Lancey
Veterinary Science: Clinical and Laboratory Animal Medicine Jessica Fox
Pre-Veterinary Sydney Davis
Lab Animal Management David Dextradeur

Mary Charlotte Becker Award

The Mary Charlotte Becker Award is given to a member of the freshman class who has consistently shown outstanding achievement in the discipline of English.

Mary Charlotte Becker Award – Christopher Guest

Janice Wiles Scholarship

This scholarship is given to a nursing student who best exemplifies Janice’s exceptional qualities of dedication, courage, compassion, and professionalism. Scholarship recipients have generally had to overcome some form of adversity in reaching their professional goals, as did Janice Wiles.

Janice Wiles Scholarship – Erick Mercado

Mark Bemis Award

This award recognizes a continuing student who has distinguished him or herself as a student leader on the Leicester Campus.

Mark Bemis Award – Kristen Mader

Jenny A. Lemay Scholarship

To honor the memory of Jenny Lemay, an interior design student who passed away in her junior year at Becker College, Jenny’s family presents this scholarship to a female interior design student who has achieved academic success while contributing socially and spiritually to the Becker College community.

Jenny A. Lemay Scholarship – Sarah Wise

Service Award

This award is presented to a student who demonstrates selfless sacrifice and determination in serving the needs of others in the name of Becker College.

Service Award – Jacqueline Chila

Equality Award

This award is presented to a student who has increased awareness of issues of equality, diversity, and/or social justice in the Becker College community.

Equality Award – Roseline Hernandez

Determination Award

This award is presented to a student who has overcome a challenge to excel in academic and co-curricular activities.

Determination Award –Alexander Nolin

Initiative Award

This award is presented to a student who has demonstrated independent pursuit of an initiative which has enriched their college experience as well as had an impact on others.

Initiative Award – Kevin Finkelstein

Leadership Award

This award is presented to a student who, by both action and accomplishment in co-curricular life, has created positive change within a student organization and its student membership, as well as contributed to the overall quality of student life.

Leadership Award – David Cordeiro

Outstanding Freshman Award

This award is presented to a freshman who has shown commitment to the Becker College community both inside and outside the classroom. This award recipient is well-rounded and recognized as a leader by fellow classmates.

Outstanding Freshman Award – Thamires Nunes

Outstanding Senior Award

This award is presented to a graduating senior who has shown unwavering commitment to Becker College, both inside and outside the classroom. The award recipient represents the benefits of receiving a liberal arts education by being well-rounded as well as intellectually, socially, and personally mature. This student is also recognized as a leader by classmates.

Outstanding Senior Award – Jessica Szorentini

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