Academic Awards Ceremony 2014

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  • Academic Awards 2014 09 Dean Betsy Fuller

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  • Academic Awards 2014 13 Assistant Dean Michael Durant

  • Academic Awards 2014 14 Gabriela Alvarez Toro, Dr. James Belpedio

  • Academic Awards 2014 15 Dr. James Belpedio, Annellie Miller

  • Academic Awards 2014 16 Dr. James Belpedio, Thomas Perron Jr

  • Academic Awards 2014 17 Dr. James Belpedio, Jennifer Urda

  • Academic Awards 2014 18

  • Academic Awards 2014 19 Thamires Nunes, Janice McPartland Award

  • Academic Awards 2014 20 Dr. Paul Cotnoir, Zachary Ludwig

  • Academic Awards 2014 21 Dr. Paul Cotnoir, Connor Edes

  • Academic Awards 2014 22 Prof. Terassa Ulm, Stephen Read

  • Academic Awards 2014 23 Prof. Kevin Woods, Robert Ekross

  • Academic Awards 2014 24 Prof. Bill Castro, Robert Olson

  • Academic Awards 2014 25 Prof. Bill Castro, Ian Donovan

  • Academic Awards 2014 26 Prof. Kathy George, Tyler Newsome

  • Academic Awards 2014 27 Prof. Ginger Daly, Savannah Scarlett

  • Academic Awards 2014 28 Dr. Linda Denault, Gabrielle White

  • Academic Awards 2014 29 Dr. Maria Calkins, Ryan Castro

  • Academic Awards 2014 30 Dr. Janardan Kumar, Erin Maypother

  • Academic Awards 2014 31 Dr. Fred Libertore, Anellie Miller

  • Academic Awards 2014 32 Dr. Linda Esper, Kelly Yates

  • Academic Awards 2014 33 Dr. Charlotte Newell, Lauren McGann

  • Academic Awards 2014 34 Dr. Richard French, Ashton Wilkinson

  • Academic Awards 2014 35 Dr. Richard French, Alissa Padgett

  • Academic Awards 2014 36 Dr. Charlotte Newell, Hilary McEwen

  • Academic Awards 2014 37 Dr. Margaret Delano, Annellie Miller

  • Academic Awards 2014 38 Dr. Margaret Delano, Meghan Tongue

  • Academic Awards 2014 39 Prof. Daryl Statkus, Catherine La Pinta

  • Academic Awards 2014 40 Samantha Coetzee, Dean Betsy Fuller

  • Academic Awards 2014 41 Kaitlyn Kenney, Dean Betsy Fuller

  • Academic Awards 2014 42 FYE Director Sarah Mosier, Kristen Mader, SYE Coordinator Dan Chapman

  • Academic Awards 2014 43 Dir. of Libraries Garrett Eastman, Melissa-Jean Provost

  • Academic Awards 2014 44 Dr. Debra Pallatto-Fontaine, Ray Sgambati

  • Academic Awards 2014 45 Dr. Debra Pallatto-Fontaine, Ray Sgambati

  • Academic Awards 2014 46 Dr. Peixing Jiang, Jonathan Hanks

  • Academic Awards 2014 47 Prof. Terassa Ulm, Scott Tongue

  • Academic Awards 2014 48 Dean Betsy Fuller, Scott Tongue

  • Academic Awards 2014 49 Dr. Richard French, Annellie Miller

  • Academic Awards 2014 50 Assoc. Dir. Campus Activities/Student leadership Danielle O'Connell, Hayley O'Connell

  • Academic Awards 2014 51 Dir. of Libraries Garrett Eastman, Gabi Hulsey

  • Academic Awards 2014 52 Assistant Dean Michael Durant, Ray Sgambati

  • Academic Awards 2014 53

  • Academic Awards 2014 54 Kelsea Rantala (c), Mr. and Mrs. Lemay, Prof. Barbara Kimball (2nd fr left), Dean Betsy Fuller

  • Academic Awards 2014 55 Zachary Ludwig

  • Academic Awards 2014 56

  • Academic Awards 2014 57

  • Academic Awards 2014 58

  • Academic Awards 2014 59

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  • Academic Awards 2014 65

Academic Achievement Award

This scholarship award is presented to second- and third-year students in each area of study, who will be continuing their studies and who show significant promise or early achievement.

2013-2014 Recipients

Gabriela Alvarez Toro – Veterinary Science
Annellie Miller – Pre-Veterinary
Thomas Perron, Jr. – Game Design
Jennifer Urda – Pre-Veterinary

Janice McPartland Award

This award honors the memory of Janice McPartland, one of the founding members of the Academic Achievement Awards and longtime Becker staff member.

Thamires Nunes – Pre-Veterinary

Aspiring Scholar Award

The Aspiring Scholar Award recipients have been selected by the faculty in their departments and represent underclassmen who show early promise in their field of study.

Graphic Design Zachary Ludwig
Game Design Connor Edes
Game Programming Stephen Read
Business Tyler Newsome
Criminal Justice Robert Ekross
Criminal Justice: Forensics/Crime Scene Processing Robert Olson
Domestic Counter-Terrorism Studies: Policy and Management Trisha Carleton
Legal Studies Ian Donovan
Humanities & Languages Connor Bailey
Exercise Science Savannah Scarlett
Early Childhood Education Gabrielle White 
Elementary Education Kara Fimian
Psychology Ryan Castro
Biology Erin Maypother
Organic Chemistry Annellie Miller
Nursing Kelly Yates
Nursing: Prelicensure BSN Maria O’Leary
Equine Studies Lauren McGann
Veterinary Technology Ashton Wilkinson
Animal Care Alissa Padgett
Veterinary Science: Clinical and Laboratory Animal Medicine Hilary McEwen
Pre-Veterinary Annellie Miller
Lab Animal Management Meghan Tongue

Mary Charlotte Becker Award

The Mary Charlotte Becker Award is given to a member of the freshmen class who has consistently shown outstanding achievement in the discipline of English.

Catherine La Pinta

Janice Wiles Scholarship

The Janice Wiles Scholarship is given to a nursing student who best exemplifies Janice's exceptional qualities of dedication, courage, compassion and professionalism.

Samantha Coatzee

Mark Bemis Award

This award was created by the Bemis family to be given to a Becker student who most greatly represents Mark's industrious work ethic and dedication to improving themselves through education.

Kaitlyn Kenney

Jenny Lemay Scholarship

Since 2007, The Jenny Ann Lemay Becker College Interior Design Scholarship Fund has honored and recognized Interior Design recipients in fulfilling their academic education.

Kelsey Rantala

 Alpha Lambda Delta Community Leader Scholarship

The Alpha Lambda Delta Community Leader Scholarship was awarded this year for the first time. This scholarship is given to a student who has displayed leadership and service in a variety of positions while at Becker, and who has proven to be a leader in the community on and off campus.

Kristen Mader

Service Award

The Service Award is presented to a student who demonstrates selfless sacrifice and determination in serving the needs of others in the name of Becker College.

Melissa Provost

Community and Diversity Award

The Community and Diversity Award is presented to a student who has increased awareness of issues of equality, diversity and/or social justice in the Becker College community, and whose efforts have made a positive impact on the Becker College community.

Raymond Sgambati

Determination Award

The Determination Award is presented to the individual who has overcome a challenge to excel in academic and co-curricular activities.

Jonathan Hanks

Initiative Award

The Initiative Award takes on a different flavor each year it is awarded.  This year’s recipient has taken the initiative to get involved as a play-tester on more than one big-name video game and was recognized recently as a “Gold Level” winner in the annual Student Narrative Analysis Competition, run by the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and the Game Narrative Summit.  He took on a floundering class project and developed a virtual tour of a renowned museum  using virtual reality technology.

Scott Tongue

Leadership Award and Emerging Leader Award

These awards are presented to a students who, by both action and accomplishment in co-curricular life, have created positive change within a student organization and its student membership, as well as contributed to the overall quality of student life.

Hayley O’Connell – Leadership Award
Annellie Miller – Emerging Leader Award

Outstanding Freshman Award

The Outstanding Freshman Award is presented to a freshman who has shown commitment to the Becker College Community both inside and outside the classroom.

Gabi Hulsey

Outstanding Senior Award

The Outstanding Senior Award is presented to a graduating senior who has shown unwavering commitment to Becker College both inside and outside the classroom.  The award recipient represents the benefits of receiving a liberal arts education by being well-rounded as well as intellectually, socially, and personally mature.  The student is also recognized as a leader by classmates.

Raymond Sgambati


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