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  • 20130511_b_0060

  • 20130511_b_0061

  • 20130511_b_0063

  • 20130511_b_0064

  • 20130511_b_0066

  • 20130511_b_0067

  • 20130511_b_0069

  • 20130511_b_0070

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  • 20130511_b_0074

  • 20130511_b_0075

  • 20130511_b_0077

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  • 20130511_b_0079

  • 20130511_b_0081

  • 20130511_b_0083

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  • 20130511_b_0117

  • 20130511_b_0124

  • 20130511_b_0127

  • 20130511_b_0132

  • 20130511_b_0134

  • 20130511_b_0136

  • 20130511_b_0139

  • 20130511_b_0140

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  • 20130511_b_0163

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  • 20130511_b_0170

  • 20130511_b_0171

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  • 20130511_b_0174

  • 20130511_b_0175

  • 20130511_b_0176

  • 20130511_b_0177

  • 20130511_b_0178

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  • 20130511_b_0230

  • 20130511_b_0235

  • 20130511_b_0240

  • 20130511_b_0245

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  • 20130511_b_0253

  • 20130511_b_0254

  • 20130511_b_0256

  • 20130511_b_0262

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  • 20130511_b_0269

  • 20130511_b_0278

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  • 20130511_b_0341

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  • 20130511_b_0344

  • 20130511_b_0346

  • 20130511_b_0347

  • 20130511_b_0348

  • 20130511_b_0350

  • 20130511_b_0351

  • 20130511_b_0352

  • 20130511_b_0353

  • 20130511_b_0354

  • 20130511_b_0355

  • 20130511_b_0357

  • 20130511_b_0358

  • 20130511_b_0359

  • 20130511_b_0360

  • 20130511_b_0361

  • 20130511_b_0363

  • 20130511_b_0364

  • 20130511_b_0365

  • 20130511_b_0366

  • 20130511_b_0367

  • 20130511_b_0370

  • 20130511_b_0371

  • 20130511_b_0372

  • 20130511_b_0373

  • 20130511_b_0374

  • 20130511_b_0375

  • 20130511_b_0377

  • 20130511_b_0380

  • 20130511_b_0381

  • 20130511_b_0382

  • 20130511_b_0383

  • 20130511_b_0384

  • 20130511_b_0385

  • 20130511_b_0386

  • 20130511_b_0387

  • 20130511_b_0388

  • 20130511_b_0389

  • 20130511_b_0390

  • 20130511_b_0391

  • 20130511_b_0392

  • 20130511_b_0393

  • 20130511_b_0394

  • 20130511_b_0395

  • 20130511_b_0396

  • 20130511_b_0397

  • 20130511_b_0399

  • 20130511_b_0400

  • 20130511_b_0401

  • 20130511_b_0403

  • 20130511_b_0405

  • 20130511_b_0406

  • 20130511_b_0409

  • 20130511_b_0410

  • 20130511_b_0411

  • 20130511_b_0413

  • 20130511_b_0418

  • 20130511_b_0423

  • 20130511_b_0425

  • 20130511_b_0426

  • 20130511_b_0427

  • 20130511_b_0429

  • 20130511_b_0430

  • 20130511_b_0432

  • 20130511_b_0436

  • 20130511_b_0439

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  • 20130511_b_0453

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  • 20130511_b_0462

  • 20130511_b_0463

  • 20130511_b_0469

  • 20130511_b_0473

  • 20130511_b_0475

  • 20130511_b_0478

  • 20130511_b_0479

  • 20130511_b_0480

  • 20130511_b_0481

  • 20130511_b_0484

  • 20130511_b_0485

  • 20130511_b_0486

  • 20130511_b_0488

  • 20130511_b_0490

  • 20130511_b_0495

  • 20130511_b_0497

  • 20130511_b_0499

  • 20130511_b_0501

  • 20130511_b_0507

  • 20130511_b_0510

  • 20130511_b_0512

  • 20130511_b_0514

  • 20130511_b_0516

  • 20130511_b_0518

  • 20130511_b_0520

  • 20130511_b_0522

  • 20130511_b_0524

  • 20130511_b_0525

  • 20130511_b_0526

  • 20130511_b_0527

  • 20130511_b_0529

  • 20130511_b_0531

  • 20130511_b_0532

  • 20130511_b_0533

  • 20130511_b_0535

  • 20130511_b_0536

  • 20130511_b_0537

  • 20130511_b_0540

  • 20130511_b_0542

  • 20130511_b_0544

  • 20130511_b_0545

  • 20130511_b_0546

  • 20130511_b_0547

  • 20130511_b_0550

  • 20130511_b_0553

  • 20130511_b_0554

  • 20130511_b_0555

  • 20130511_b_0558

  • 20130511_b_0560

  • 20130511_b_0563

  • 20130511_b_0565

  • 20130511_b_0567

  • 20130511_b_0569

  • 20130511_b_0573

  • 20130511_b_0577

  • 20130511_b_0579


Browse photos of the 225th Commencement and other Becker College events at

Commencement Exercises

Saturday, the Eleventh of May
Two Thousand Thirteen
Eleven O’clock in the Morning


The Symphonic Brass Quartet

Pomp and Circumstance

The Symphonic Brass Quartet

Opening Ceremony

Faculty Marshal John R. Deitrick – Department of Humanities and Languages, Professor of English

Master of Ceremonies David A. Ellis, Ph.D. – Senior Vice President and CFO


Faculty Marshal, Candidates for Degrees, Faculty and Administrators, Cabinet,

Dignitaries, Alumni Association President, Board of Trustees, and President


Reverend Dr. Debra Pallatto-Fontaine – Professor of Elementary Education

National Anthem

Richard Monroe – Tenor


Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. – President

Introduction of the Commencement Speaker

Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. – President

The Commencement Address

Judge Greg Mathis

Conferral of Honorary Degrees

Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. – President

Arthur P. (Jay) DiGeronimo Jr. – Chair, Board of Trustees

Honorary Degree Recipients

Judge Greg Mathis

Presented by: Steven P. Moysey, Ph.D. – Director of Continuing Education

Hood Marshall: James Q. Knight, DVM – Director, Animal Studies Programs

Michael V. O’Brien – City Manager, Worcester, Massachusetts

Presented by: Frederick A. Liberatore, Ph.D. – Professor of Chemistry

Hood Marshall: Richard A. French, DVM, M.S., Ph.D. – Dean, School of Animal Studies, Allerton Chair of Animal Health Sciences

Presentation of the Class of 2013

Elizabeth V. Fuller, Ed.D. – Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

Introduction of Graduates

Elizabeth V. Fuller, Ed.D. – Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

Conferring of Degrees

Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. – President

Recognition of the Samuel May Award*  Recipient

Elizabeth V. Fuller, Ed.D. – Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

Recognition of the President’s Award** Recipient

Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. – President

Presentation of the Dean’s Award***

Elizabeth V. Fuller, Ed.D. – Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

Message from the Alumni Association

Johanna LeClair ’00, ’11 – President of the Becker College Alumni Association

Closing Remarks

Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. – President

Student Marshals

Kevin Finkelstein
Jacqueline Chila
Raymond Sgambati


Maya Algere
Nancy Ascenzi
Oliver Awat
Julia Chambers
Kara Chappell
Gary Charlton
Terise Cole
David Cordeiro
Breanna Cuchara
Estevao Defigueiredo
David Dextradeur
Brianna Dingman
Ian Donovan
Burak Ekiz
Jose Galvez-Lov
Heather Hum
Ian Hunter
Kaitlyn Kenney
Kristen Mader
Matthew Maroney
Kimberleigh Martinson
Holly McNeely
Rich Metellus
Rachael Miller
Craig Nelson
Sarah Nolan
Steven Paine
Anna Pilip
Christopher Schwarz
Adam Tedford
Ryan Van Doorn
Sarah Wise

*Samuel May Award | Established in memory of Reverend Samuel May—minister, Leicester Academy trustee, and leader of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society—by his grandson, Herbert Samuel May, this Award recognizes a graduating senior who has shown scholastic achievement, excellence in character, personality, and leadership throughout four years of study. The recipient is nominated by Becker College faculty and selected by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College.

**President’s Award | The President’s Award is the most prestigious non-academic student award, presented to a graduating senior and resident student who has shown outstanding school spirit throughout his or her four years at Becker College. The recipient is recognized as a leader by students and the administration and is an active member of the Becker community through campus-wide involvement in clubs, organizations, and community service.

***Dean’s Award | The Dean’s Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a student by Becker College. In keeping with the prestige of the award, the name of the recipient is not revealed until the announcement is made at the Commencement ceremony.

The Dean’s Award is given to the student with the highest cumulative grade point average who completed the majority of his or her course work leading to a degree at Becker College.

Candidates for Graduation 2013

Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor of Arts ~ Design: Graphic Design
Thomas Maynard
Erion Minga
Kelly A. Mundell++
Joseph M. Oliveri
Kaitlin G. PearsonBachelor of Arts ~ Design: Interior Design
Nicole Beauchaine
Katrina Eliadis
Kathleen Ann Goodwin
Kelly A. McCarthy
Megan Irene Nessen++
Rachael Elizabeth Rosin+
Jodi Elizabeth Theriault
Jessica A. WhitneyBachelor of Arts ~ Interactive Media Design: Game Design
Daniel J. Bailey
Nathan Miles Berry
Daemon L. Broadbent
Timothy Brunelle
Giovanni Luis Casiano
Wayne Harrison Charron Jr.++
David Andrew Denton
Ronald Lee Dorleans
Breeze Grigas
Kwamaine Hinton
Joseph Jackson
Christopher Anthony Larke+++
Ross G. Moore++
Jonathan Muñoz++
Jennifer M. Murphy
Dean P. O’Coin
Johnathan J. Roman
Brendan N. Testa
Brian Charles WardBachelor of Arts ~ Interactive Media Design: Game Development& Programming
Anthony Francis Botelho+++
Katelyn Emily Brown+
Michael Burke++
Matthew Herard++
Derrek A. Marcus++
Heather D. Nicoll
David Robar+++
Carlos M. Soto Jr.
Christopher P. Cote++
Jennifer A. Day++
Brenna Nunes DeAlmeida
Robert F. Duffy+++••
Patricia J. Ennis+++••
Shannon L. Gamache+++••
Shirleyann E. Gibson
Tory Gisleson++
Jay E. Godino Jr.+
Tina Marie Gorskey+++••
Amanda Blanche Gray
Marlene Hausmann+++
Ansy J. Jumeau
Krystian Kozlowski
John D. Lane++••
John J. Linnon+++••
Katelyn L. Loader
Peter R. Maertens+++
Elisha Z. Matos
Victor H. Menendez
Michael J. Mercure
Robert Lance Miller
Francisco Morales Jr.+++••
Frederick S. Nagle Jr.+++••
Pamela A. Olson+++••
Rebecca E. Pierce++
Kayla Michelle Prairie
Aleksandra Rdultowska+
Carol L. Riches+++••
Kristine J. Rochette
Sonia E. Root+++
Lisa Jane Rousseau++••
Marcia Solano Stech+++••
Kevin Michael Sullivan++••
Neil Louis Trahan+++••
Matthew James Virzi+
Pamela R. Yaylaian++••Bachelor of Science ~ Business Administration: Marketing and Management
Cecil D. Apple Jr.
Tyler L. Barnes
Rachael Lauren Miranda
Johnattan Rivera
Lindsey M. Savino
Kara Loren Specht

Bachelor of Science ~ Business Administration: Sports Management
Stanley E. Cunningham Jr.
Kyle R. Daly

Bachelor of Arts ~ Liberal Arts
Rasheen Malik Green
Nora McDonald++
Patrick Francis Millerick
James Michael Shea
Joseph Lewis SperoBachelor of Arts ~ Liberal Arts: Elementary Education
Patricia A. Blakeney
Jo-Ann Dodge+
Amy Beth Drew+++••
Megan R. Heath
Megan Lapierre++
Stephen D. O’Neil++
Shannon Marie Payne++••
Christine M. Peters+++••
Marcia Solano Stech+++••
Allison E. Turner++
Celeste Pietronico Zieniuk+++••
Sandra Lee ZonaBachelor of Arts ~ Psychology
Jody Jane Auclair+++••
Eralda Bango
Joshua Belli
Michelle M. Bing
Rena M. Blette++
Deborah Ann Bourque++••
Karen Bovenzi++••
Erin Anne Capite
Meghan E. Cavanaugh
Kimberly Corrente++••
Michaela C. Davis
Kristina N. Desnoyers
Darlene M. Dickson+++•• 
Michelle L. Dugan++
Carol Gagnon++••
Jaclyn Ann Gardner
David R. Girard++
Philomena Itua Idiagbonya
Kela Latrice Jones
Raymond David Martínez
Nina R. McDonald
Shauna McNally
Robyn M. Mills
Christine M. Monty
Katherine Morales
Nadyne Margaret Perro
Cecilia M. Pierce++••
Danielle Marie Qualey+
Abigail Ramos+
Janildo DeBrito
David Matthew Graham
Timothy A. Howard
Gary Johnson III
Keith Kandel
Donald Kane
Benjamin Patrick Keough
Weston Culp Meehan
Branden Scott Parkhouse
Austin Allen Phillips
Luis M. Sanchez
Michael James SchoenBachelor ofScience ~ Criminal Justice
Joseph A. Corey
Ryan Erickson
Eric L. Glynn
Sarah Elizabeth Grande
Joseph Ignagni
Adrianna Obrycka
Alicia Catherine Riley
Bryan Shamus Sullivan
Leah Nicole Tymon
Jennifer Wallace+++Bachelor ofScience ~ Criminal Justice: Forensics/Crime Scene Processing
Chelsea Rose Faria
Roseline Hernandez
Maggie Mae Levesque
Benjamin Williams Singley+
Joanna Slomiak
Erica-Lynn Wesoly

Bachelor ofScience ~ Exercise Science: Health and Fitness
Jessica Lauren Burdick
Nicole Suzanne Cirba
Mark J. Lotito
Jeremy Ryan Narducci
Irma Nasti
Kaitlin Rose O’Brien
Caroline Plunkett
Sofia Fernandes Santos
Viktor J. Tuurala
Janelle Marie Umbro
Mark Charles Zabicki Jr.

Heather Marie Redgate++
Astri Maria Rodriguez
Krystle R. Rosario
Kelly A. Scipione++••
Cecelia Foka Sherman
Amareeka J. Sloan
Kelly A. Smith++
Sonia L. Summers
Jasmine T. Sumrall
Takouhie Taoukdjian+
Karonlay ValenciaBachelor of Arts ~ Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis
Paige Elizabeth YoungBachelor of Arts ~ Psychology: Early Childhood Education
Danielle M. WelchBachelor of Arts ~ Psychology: Honors
Theresa Boulier+++ Bachelor of Science: Biology
Quyen D. Nguyen+

Bachelor of Science ~ Business Administration: Equine Management
Kayla Ann Kershaw
Brittany M. Martin
Christine J. Wzorek++

Bachelor of Science ~ Business Administration: Hospitality & Tourism Management
Katherine Ann Reynolds+++

Bachelor of Science ~ Business Administration: Management
Blair Josephine Allen
Jose Manuel Amado
Diana L. Bleifuss++••
Sarah Marie Bohill+++••
Peter A. Boyd+
Samantha Ann Braciska
Brenda L. Buerger+++••
Lisa Marie Butler++
James Carlson Jr.+
Timothy M. Carlson+++ ••

Bachelor of Science ~ Legal Studies
Lindsey Nicole Atkinson
Stacey M. Bacener+
Michael Anthony Munoz
Sofia Leo Stam

Bachelor of Science ~ Nursing
Roseline Batallas
Jennifer Lynn Boulay+
Alyssa R. Burgoyne
Tara Marie Sargentelli+

Bachelor of Science ~ Veterinary Science: Clinical and Laboratory Animal Medicine
Courtney M. Johnson
Danielle Elaine Letiecq
Whitley Ann Sabatini
Whitney Kae Smith
Ashley A. Stevens
James Anelce Teixeira+

Bachelor ofScience ~ Veterinary Science: Equine Studies
Nicole A. Chabot+

Bachelor ofScience ~ Veterinary Science: Laboratory Animal Management
Emma Rose Crooker++
Bryan J. Fenton+
Dominique M. Russin
Kellsey G. Wuerthele

Bachelor of Science ~ Veterinary Science: Pre-Veterinary
Samantha M. Barscz
Shawna Lyhne Clifford+
Brooke L. Cote
Elizabeth M. DeAlmeida
Stephanie L. Dixon
Amber Jacqueline Dombroski
Samantha Gordon
Megan B. Koski++
Nicole Jane Leonard
Suzanna Lee Richards+
Chelsea Marie Ruzzo++

+ cum laude  / ++ magna cum laude  / +++ summa cum laude / Alpha Chi  / ••Alpha Sigma Lambda 

Associate’s Degrees

Associate of Science ~ Nursing
Kailee M. Adams
Stacy Lynn Barrette
Gianna Marie Battista*
Jennifer Lynn Bernard
Francesca Bloom
Kelly Bongarzone
Emily Marie Bouthillette
Marissa Marie Brait
Laura Ann Burchstead
Jennifer Lee Clark
Kaitlin Conway
Rebecca E. Corbett
Livia De Martin
Aneta Dhillon
Kellie Anne Dowd
Kerry Earle
Renata Alexandra Eydelman
Sarah Jean Ng Fernandez
Jennifer M. Garney
Eric E. Johnson*
Hanna Kim
Maria Kulma
Lynn Marie Lunt
Tonya C. Marshall
Juliana C. Martins-Da Silva
Lisa E. O’Brien
Sarah A. O’Connor
Belinda Oliva
Amy L. Pelletier**
Stephanie C. Perron
Nancy G. Rivera
Kristen D. Rodman
Alexandria Marie Rodriguez
Seth Ryan Southall
Kacie R. St.Onge
Michael Owen Swaney
Heather Marie Tworzydlo
Paulina Anna Ucher
Thomas Alexander Wise
Associate of Science ~ Animal Care
Jessica Frances Bannon
Stacy Lynn Cote
Jamie Kathleen Dammers**
Lauren K. Flynn
Jessica A. Harding
Ashley Marie Hernandez
Cassandra Ibarra
Kirsten K. Lawson*
Sogoun J. Ren
Kurt W. Roscoe
Sara J. Roth
Meghan Emilie Tongue*
Ashton Wilkinson**
Samantha Danielle ZitaAssociate of Science ~ Veterinary Technology
Samantha M. Barscz
Samantha Jane Bigger
Haley Nicole Boucher*
Cody Robert Breault
Shauna Rose Buckley
Tracie Elizabeth Bugbee
Rachel Carter**
Kimberly Rose Clark
Nicole Louise Connolly
Katherine A. Crowley
Sydney Elizabeth Davis**
Elizabeth M. Dealmeida
Amber Jacqueline Dombroski
Devon Dubuque
Erica Theresa Dwyer
Katherine Evans*
Alexzandra E. Forbes
Robert Gerard Goldsmith
Melissa Lynn Greene
David Guissarri
Cassandra Ibarra
Danielle Marie Jalbert
Megan B. Koski**
Nicole Jane Leonard
Danielle Elaine LetiecqElizabeth V. Magrey
Danielle Matto
Samantha Elaine Millette**
Amy Christine Mulligan
Jayne Ellen Nelson**
Kelly Ann Odom
Cailin O’Neil**
Ashley E. Pope
Ashlei N. Rexach
Suzanna Lee Richards*
Natalie F. Richter*
Vanessa Marie Roman
Chelsea Marie Ruzzo**
Alexandria M. Shults
Angela Dias Silva
Alexandra Rae Smith
Christopher Dennis Smith***
Sarah Ann Snyder
Amanda L. Sterman
Ashley A. Stevens
Victoria Tolnay
Lisa M. Trainer**
Patricia M. Turmenne
Rebecca Turnley*
Clarista White
Dayna J. Wilson
Cheneille Young
Chelsea R. Ziegler

* Honors / ** High Honors / *** Highest Honors

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