2012 Senior Athletic Awards

On Thursday, May 10, 2012 at the Leicester Country Club, Becker College held the 4th Annual Senior Athletic Awards Dinner.

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The following Becker College seniors were recognized at the event:

Outstanding Male Athlete(s)

Terrance Favors and Rajai Leggett

Outstanding Female Athlete

Victoria Sirchia

The Outstanding Male and Female Athlete Awards are presented to graduating seniors who have made a major contribution to their sport through excellence of performance. These individuals have been the recipients of awards, honors and recognition from their affiliated conferences (ECAC, NCAA, NAC/NECC, IHSA), are respected by their peers and coaches, and have received athletic department honors including captaincy and MVP awards.

Scholar Athlete Award

Megan Nessen

The Scholar Athlete Award is given to a senior who excels both athletically and academically.

Gene R. Alley Award

Cameron Coe-Smith

The Gene R. Alley Award is given to an individual who has consistently demonstrated a commitment of service for the betterment of Becker Athletics.


Joe Corey
Jeff DiLorenzo
Weston Meehan

Men’s Basketball

Stanley Cunningham
Terrance Favors
Rajai Leggett
Dylan Parker

Women’s Basketball

Kristina Desnoyers


Kelsey Hanrahan
Nicole Wilk
Laurel Venoit

Field Hockey

Stephanie Dixon
Kim MacKay
Victoria Sirchia


Mike Carroll
Cameron Coe-Smith
Tino Lopes
Malik Hamm
Cory Jerr

Ice Hockey

Patrick Bellew
Kevin Coyne
Robert Johnson
Matt Morales
Brian Murray
Jeremy Narducci
Jake Rosenthal

Men’s Lacrosse

Patrick Bellew
Kevin Coyne
Josh Smith
Bryan Sullivan

Women’s Lacrosse

Lorna Andino
Morgan Hazen

Men’s Soccer

Brian Conway
Jinaldo DeBrito
Andrew Donnelly
Timothy Howard
Gary Johnson

Women’s Soccer

Morgan Hazen

Men’s Tennis

Jake Gilbert
Tim Howard

Women’s Tennis

Jessica Burdick
Courtney Johnson
Shauna McNally
Laura Mimms
Megan Nessen
Jessica Starrett
Lianna Woodbury


Nicole Morse

Ken Cameron, Becker's vice president of student affairs, was presented with the Carlton A. Perry Award.

The Carlton A. Perry Award is presented annually to a member of the Becker College community who has made significant contributions to the success of the Athletics Department.

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