Opportunities to Get Involved

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Advisor Contact: Dexter Viator


The Campus Activities Board is a group of students responsible for planning events for the Becker College student body. Board members review performing acts, ideas, trips, and other suggestions, and then create a student activities calendar that offers a variety of activities and entertainment.

Student Governance Advisory Board (SGAB)

Advisor Contact: Danielle O'Connell


SGAB is the primary voice of the student body. You can become involved in a variety of ways: as a general member, a class officer, or an executive board member. Being a part of SGAB will help you develop your leadership skills while being a voice of change for the student body here at Becker College.

Becker College Campus Crew

Advisor Contact: Michele Cosper


The Becker College Campus Crew aims to broaden the Becker community by raising awareness of child cancer and promoting the selling of Love Your Melon apparel. This organization donates 50% of proceeds to organizations that promote pediatric cancer research from every hat bought. For every hat purchased, Love Your Melon also donates a hat to a child with cancer. Last year, there were 51,264 hats donated to children just from Campus Crews.

Becker College Livestock Club

Advisor Contact: Margaret Delano


Livestock Club gives its members hands on experience with handling livestock animals, and providing educational events and speakers about livestock and farm life. Members work with local farms around the community to get hands on experience as well as provide volunteer work for the farm. There will be multiple educational events and fundraising available to members.

Becker Gaming Tournaments

Advisor Contact: Walter Yarbrough


Becker Gaming Tournaments aims to present gaming events that appeal to as many players as possible, while maintaining a hybrid of casual/competitive fun, and a large variety of games. The club hosts tournaments for almost all titles of the Smash Brothers franchise, Skullgirls, Overwatch, and Mario Kart 8, with other games soon to come.

Becker College Cosplay Club

Advisor Contact: Derek Hoffend


Cosplay Club allows students with similar interests and skills to come together and socialize with others in attempt to get away from the stress of the “real world”. Cosplay is the main focus, but there is also space to freely discuss anime, video games &/or any similar subjects. This club aims to create a fun, judgment free environment. The club also hosts small interactive events.

Hawk Helpers

Advisor Contact: Andrea Belis


Hawk Helpers was formed to unite others and raise money and awareness for certain organizations, illnesses and projects, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, lyme disease, homeless shelters, and many others. Hawk Helpers aim to participate in volunteer work at local soup kitchen, children’s hospitals, etc. The more organizations we can help, the better!

Graphic Design

Advisor Contact: Kathleen Andler


Graphic Design club was formed to create stronger relationships among design students in the Becker College community. This group provides a space for highly motivated students who want to gain experience to come together and build their professional portfolios as part of a unified support system.

Becker College Drama Club

Advisor Contact: Marianne Rigo


The Becker College Drama club was created to give those who love theatre a place where they can go to express themselves in various ways.

Japanese Society Club

Advisor Contact: Yuta Tokunaga


Japanese Society Club aims to introduce students and participants alike to an entirely different culture through food, language, music, history, literature, and more. By introducing a culture that varies greatly from American culture, the Japanese Society Club hopes to encourage individuals to think about the world around them. The Japanese Society club also works to encourage and prepare individuals interested in travel and study abroad.

Pre-Veterinary Club

Advisor Contact: Paula Northrop


The purpose of the Becker College Pre-Veterinary Club is to unite people with a passion for animals. The club bonds over the commonality of caring for animals, their health, and conservation. We work hard to make a difference in the lives of the animals in our communities as well as in the lives of animals around the world and we are always trying to learn and gain knowledge of the field.

Becker Music Club

Advisor Contact: Derek Hoffend


Becker Music Club was formed to provide a space for students to express themselves through the form of music as well as to inspire others through music. This organization agrees to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and uphold and the educational mission and Core Values of Becker College.

Young Americans for Liberty

Advisor Contact: Professor Michael Keating


Young Americans for Liberty promotes free speech for every political ideology on campus. We also promote freedom and liberty through informing our students about their rights as Americans and how to properly exercise those rights. We recognize the natural rights of life, liberty, and property set forth by our Founding Fathers. Our country was created to protect the freedoms of the individual and be directed by We the People. We will promote these values as all times.

Business Club

Advisor Contact: Charles Tweedly


Business Club aims to: (1) Stimulate interest of business and similar subjects within the college environment and internally within the members of the club. (2) Leave the members and executive members with valuable insights and experiences that will contribute positively to their time after college. (3) Promote the learning and sharing of knowledge that pertains to Business, economics, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Becker Pride

Advisor Contact: Stephanie Crane


Becker Pride is a club that aims to bring awareness to the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) communities through education while providing a safe space for Becker students (LGBTQ+ or allies) to be open about their identities. Speakers are brought to campus to discuss relevant topics.

Becker College Ultimate Frisbee

Advisor Contact: Jessica Brochu


The Ultimate Frisbee team is a coed club that welcomes all experience levels. Ultimate is a very easy sport to learn and you can google “Ultimate in 10 simple rules” to learn the basics easily. Proper throws and form can be taught to anyone wanting to learn. The club hopes to play informal pick up games once or twice a week for an hour or two at Leicester campus. The club does not travel to other colleges to play, however if there is enough interest we can talk about the possibility of traveling to a tournament as one team and competing. Location and time TBA.

Marine Wildlife Conservation Club

Advisor Contact: Lisa Chase


The Marine Wildlife Conservation Club is an organization that focuses on the the marine aspect of conservation. We assist organizations like the New England Aquarium and the Mass Audubon with beach cleanups and turtle necropsies. This club is a learning experience for anyone involved or interested in working with marine wildlife. Each January, we send 4 students to Mazunte, Mexico to work with a group of veterinarians and technicians to spay and neuter stray dogs and cats, who pose a threat to sea turtle nests. By doing these surgeries, we have been able to reduce the stray animal population tremendously and help the sea turtle population flourish.

We Are Global

Advisor Contact: Michael Keating


We Are Global works to create a campus community informed by the values of social responsibility, community and diversity, to proactively lead change locally and globally. We will spread awareness on campus and within the local communities about social issues and injustices facing our world.

Becker College Magic: The Gathering Club

Advisor Contact: Derek Hoffend


As a group, The Gathering Club intends to play Magic: the Gathering and have fun together doing so. We will get together and play Magic in various formats. We would also host drafts and maybe the occasional tournament. New players are more than welcome to join!

Becker Archery Club

Advisor Contact: Amanda Theinert


The purpose of Becker Archery Club is to provide a place where current Becker students and previous Becker students can learn and practice the art of archery in a safe environment.

Becker College Dance Club

Advisor Contact: Virginia Daly


The Becker College Dance Club allows for students to express themselves through dance and share their appreciation for the art with their fellow peers. The club will not only be of enjoyment to its members, but will hopefully entertain its audience as well through our performances.

International Game Developer Association

Advisor Contact: Terresa Ulm


The purpose of this organization is to expose students to the various tools, resources and convention that are used in game development so that they might be better prepared to enter the industry after graduation. The organization will give students a chance to network in the game development industry through its connections as an official chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

National Student Nurses’ Association

Advisor Contact: Ann Brown


The NSNA brings together and mentors students preparing for the initial licensure as registered nurses, as well as those enrolled in baccalaureate completion programs. We convey the standards and ethics of the nursing profession, and help promote the development of the skills students will need as responsible and accountable members of the nursing profession.

Becker E-Sports Committee

Advisor Contact: Timothy Leow


The purpose of this committee is to connect the Becker community through healthy yet competitive games, work with other gaming related clubs and promote the gaming industry, expand e-sports culture and work with any school/club/players that wish to compete in any E-sports.

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