What do I need to do before New Student Orientation?

Once you have registered for New Student Orientation, there are a few more steps to complete before you join us in June. Please view all of the links below to learn more about what you need to accomplish.

  • Student Health Forms

    Student Health Forms

    Becker College students are responsible for providing and uploading all of their health record and immunization records as required by state law and Becker College policy into the Student Health Portal/Medicat System. Students without the required health information may be unable to move into campus housing, participate in athletics or begin class, and may be charged a $250 late fee. Forms are due by July 14, 2017.

    Click to access the Student Health Portal/Medicat System
  • Student Health Insurance Waiver

    Student Health Insurance Waiver

    Becker College automatically enrolls all students into a health plan. If you have comparable insurance you may waive this school-offered plan. You must complete the online enrollment or waiver insurance form every year. If you do nothing you will be enrolled and responsible for plan premium costs. Deadline is July 14, 2017.

    Click here to waive the insurance.
  • Accuplacer Testing

    Accuplacer Testing

    Do you need to complete Accuplacer testing? Testing must be complete by June 7, 2017.

    Register here!
  • Electronic Connections

    Electronic Connections

    Part of being successful in college is knowing what is happening on campus and where resources are located. The Becker Buzz, Campus Activities Facebook and Instagram, Residential Life Facebook, and Twitter Accounts.

    Click here to learn how to get connected on campus.
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