Senior Game Exhibit: You Go Alone

Published on Friday, December 18th, 2015

You Go Alone Screen ShotThe Becker College game design seniors on team Jjjamd have been hard at work on their senior project, a prototype of a game called You Go Alone.

“In You Go Alone, the player is tasked with keeping the monsters of a cursed dungeon at bay,” says team producer Jake Spagone. “The dungeon will rearrange its halls and walls each time the player returns to its cold interior. The player and a strange old man are bound to the dungeon, unable to escape even in death, so the player has no choice but to fight back the horrors that emerge. The old man, however, can only help the player on the surface by improving his skills and equipment. Once in the dungeon, the player is on his own.” In addition to the randomly generated dungeons, the game features three combat styles: melee, ranged, and magic.

Spagone sys he and teammates Jacob Fernstrom, Joey Laconte, Alex Saurette, Matt Black, and Daniel Kozikowski wanted to challenge themselves with the creation of this game. “We wanted to take elements of games we enjoy and work them into one game we’d all like to play,” Spagone said.

According to Spagone, the team’s greatest challenge has also been the greatest learning experience. He says they have learned the great importance of good communication between team members, and that any one person missing information can lead to set-backs for the team as a whole. “Working in and managing a team, especially since we’re all beginners, has been difficult,” Spagone said. “But we ended up making something none of us could have done alone.”

The game design senior projects were exhibited on campus in November.