Senior Game Exhibit: The House

Published on Friday, December 18th, 2015

The House ScreenshotThe Becker College game design seniors on team Bourgeois Games have been hard at work on their senior project, a prototype of a game called The House. Amid a fanciful backdrop, players act as a young boy living in his family’s home. By manipulating his family members’ emotions, the boy can traverse through a day with his family.

“The house is an experimental project for our team to take on,” said team producer Ian Hunter, who is also the team producer for team Maple Games’ game LilyLeap. “The House allows us to focus on developing an entertaining story with a different gameplay style that focuses on trying to control the emotions of the people around you.”

According to Hunter, the greatest challenge he and his teammates  Yuka Ninohira, Aaron Lin, Jason Oliva, and Nick Gototweski have faced is trying to establish the perfect progression through the game while ensuring the player is gathering all the information about the story the developers are trying to tell. “Our story will keep our players thoroughly entertained all the way up until the end,” Hunter said. “The ability to control the emotions of the other characters also makes the gameplay lead to some surprising circumstances,” he added.

The game design senior projects were exhibited on campus in November. View a clip from The House.