Senior Game Exhibit: Silent Quo

Published on Friday, December 18th, 2015

Silent Quo ScreenshotThe Becker College game design seniors on team Black Maria Games have been hard at work on their senior project, a prototype of an evasion game called Silent Quo, a game with a black and white silent platformer.

In Silent Quo, the player takes on the role of a character who is horrified to discover, upon purchasing a pair of antique sunglasses, that he can see alien parasites infesting humans via their heads in an attempt to take over the world. The player/character must use his wits to evade the enemy, find his brother, and escape.

“One of the highlights of this game is that the narrative features an autistic protagonist, something that has not been featured before in video games,” says team producer Tim Heard. “Another highlight is that this game features red enemies that can only be seen and heard by wearing a special item, since this is a silent game in black and white like a 1920s silent film.”

Heard says he and teammates Anthony Vatalare, Andrew Marsh, Dontae Davis, and Michael Tweedly hit a roadblock when their original project proposal was rejected because of missing information. They revised the idea and have overcome communication issues and a time management learning curve. They are currently fixing bugs and adding more content.

The game design senior projects were exhibited on campus in November.