Senior Game Exhibit: Convergence

Published on Friday, December 18th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 9.53.51 AMThe Becker College game design seniors on team Creative M8s have been hard at work on their senior project, a prototype of a game called Convergence.

The game is set in space with two major points of focus, according to team producer Matteo Lanteri. The first is the orbits along which the planets, or bases, move. The second is the convergence phenomenon that occurs in the middle of the map. “Every so often, the player will see a wave of energy being released from the center star and destroying asteroids and units,” Lanteri says. “The idea behind it was to have a neutral environment component to the game, predictable time-wise with a timer on the screen, but unpredictable in the outcome—and hence potentially becoming a game-changer.”

Lanteri and his teammates, Shiva Mendonca, Marc Tranfaglia, Chad Collins, Gary Charlton, Matt Williams, and Keirnan Aimone, along with one artist from the Rhode Island School of Design, set out to create a game that had elements of games they enjoy playing but also to differentiate their game. “Coming up with an idea we all believed in was one of our earliest and biggest challenges,” Lanteri says. “It took us a few meetings to agree on our final direction. But since we settled on an idea, we have worked really well together. Many of the elements we put down on paper in our first meeting have already made it into the game.”

The game design senior projects were exhibited on campus in November.