Senior Game Exhibit: Astral Horizon

Published on Friday, December 18th, 2015

Astral HorizonThe Becker College game design seniors on team Star Hawk have been hard at work on their senior project, a prototype of a game called Astral Horizon.

The player pilots a ship that is the game’s namesake as a bounty hunter for hire, using a PlayStation 4 controller and an OculusVR headset. The idea for the game was conceived by team producer Michael Kiernan over the summer, according to Kiernan. “The project took off when I told my team we’d be working in virtual reality,” he says. “We wanted to incorporate the virtual reality device into the game and have it be more than just something the player would use to look around. We made it so wherever the player looks is where the gun fires.” Kiernan added that virtual reality also allows the player to lock his or her missiles on a target by looking at it for a certain amount of time.

It was a learning curve for Kiernan and his teammates, Paul Leo, Marc Van Melle, Anthony D’Aurio, Guillermo Romera Rodriguez, and Joseph Leite, to learn how to best work together. “But we soon became a well-oiled machine,” Kiernan says. The team also built connections and boosted their bond with a group visit to a Boston Virtual Reality Meetup and the James P. Moran Tech Gala in Canton, Mass. on November 21.

The game design senior projects were exhibited on campus in November. View the Astral Horizon trailer.