Rebecca Corbett ’97, ’12, ’19, Nursing

Published on Thursday, November 5th, 2015
Becky Corbett

Rebecca Corbett is pictured, center, with fellow ONE volunteers.

Rebecca Corbett ’97, ’12, ’19 is a woman who takes action—volunteering for causes she believes in, working hard in a profession she is passionate about, and most recently, enrolling for a third time at Becker College to move closer to her ultimate goal of becoming a professor in Becker’s nursing program.

Corbett graduated from Becker’s former Occupational Therapy Assistant program in 1997, and earned her associate’s degree in nursing from Becker in 2012. This fall, she returned to Becker to work toward her bachelor’s degree in nursing. “I eventually would love to teach clinical and lab for the nursing program at Becker, so earning my BSN is the first step toward making my goals,” Corbett said. “Becker College has an extremely supportive environment and is fantastic at helping students achieve their personal goals.”

Since 1998, Corbett has been heavily involved with the ONE Campaign, an international campaigning and advocacy organization, taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease. She volunteers to raise awareness about the effects of malaria worldwide as a “Malaria Griot,” part of the Malaria No More project. The term “griot” is a West African phrase for an agent of cultural change, which is most certainly fitting for Corbett.

While earning her associate’s degree, she founded a ONE chapter on the Becker campus, initiated a letter-writing campaign to members of Congress to fight to keep funding for AIDS relief, and brought Congressman James McGovern to the Becker campus as part of a rally to raise awareness, among other achievements. “More recently, I enjoyed over the summer volunteering at the U2 concert in Boston, signing people up for the Poverty is Sexist campaign,” she said. “Also, last month I took my four children up to the Wright Locke Farm in Winchester, Massachusetts, to help create a video to raise awareness of the United Nations 17 Global Goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. And as a Griot, I work wherever I may be volunteering for ONE to educate the general public.”

Corbett’s ardor doesn’t stop at volunteering. She worked as an occupational therapist for 16 years, and most recently works as a registered nurse at the UMass Memorial Medical Center, Memorial Campus in Worcester. As she moves toward her goal of teaching at Becker, Corbett is gaining valuable real-world experience in her field. “I am being introduced to many diagnoses and nursing techniques that will make me a better professor,” she said. And her passion for standing up for what she believes in translates to her career as well. “I have been vocal about the proper staffing I feel UMass should have and plan to go to the Massachusetts State House soon to be part of a hearing to push legislation to make proper nurse-to-patient ratios the law,” she said.

As Corbett stands behind those who need her to help give them a voice, she knows Becker has always stood behind her. “My experience at Becker College has helped me grow and achieve so much in my life,” she said. “Becker has always supported my volunteering and has worked hard at backing me for the various events I have wanted to hold on campus. Becker has also invited me to speak about the ONE Campaign to incoming students and their families, to crowds of over 400. I love to teach, and I know being a professor at Becker would make me very happy!”