Nurses Week: Tonya (Tabor) Bowzer ’07, ’09

Published on Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Tonya BowzerWhen Tonya (Tabor) Bowzer ’07, ’09 was in high school, her beloved grandparents became ill. In caring for them, Bowzer discovered her life’s purpose; the Becker College nursing program graduate has been giving back and caring for others ever since.

“When my grandparents got sick, I felt a responsibility to care for them as their loved one,” Bowzer said. “Today I feel like my purpose is to provide care and give back to the community. I feel to be an effective member of our society it’s crucial we give back in some way. And I wouldn’t be where I am today, both in my personal and professional life, if it weren’t for Becker.”

Currently, Bowzer works for Reliant Medical Group in Same Day Services at their ReadyMED Urgent Care sites, with her home site being in Milford, Mass. “I enjoy caring for patients of all ages in a community setting,” Bowzer said. “Being able to provide compassionate and effective evidence-based care is my ultimate goal as a nurse practitioner. I take pride in being able to care for a patient and make him or her feel better, both physically and mentally.”

She also takes pride in being a Becker alumna—so much so that she encouraged her younger brother, Albert Tabor, to attend the school. He took her advice and graduated with a criminal justice degree in 2014.

Bowzer came to Becker for the small classes, excellent programs, and unique dormitory setup. She left Becker with an overall feeling of having been part of something special. “I felt like I was a part of a great place,” she said. “Becker as a whole is a fantastic college with so much to offer its students. I was able to get involved on campus through living in the dorms, doing a work-study job, and being a resident assistant, and being involved meant meeting new people. I met my husband (Thomas Bowzer, Jr. ’08) at Becker, too!”

Clinical rotations at local healthcare facilities, study groups with fellow students, and learning from passionate professors, all contributed to her successes since graduation, Bowzer says. Those successes have included earning her master’s degree and Family Nurse Practitioner degree from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston, and working in hospital medicine at UMass in Worcester. “I’m very thankful and grateful to the Becker College nursing staff for always being a resource during my educational experience,” Bowzer said. “As I went through my journey to become a nurse, being able to learn from professors who were clearly passionate and had love for what they do inspired me to persevere and work harder to be like them.”

Bowzer’s advice to students beginning their Becker journey is simple. “Take advantage of and enjoy every aspect of your college experience Becker has to offer,” she said. “Each opportunity is a chance to build a memory and to lay the path to your future.”