Nurses Week: Snider Saint-Vil '16

Published on Thursday, May 12th, 2016


DLT_6975UPDATE: Snider Saint-Vil received the 2016 President’s Award.

“This prestigious award honors a member of the senior class who, over his four years on campus, has exemplified Becker pride through outstanding school spirit, leadership, involvement in clubs and organizations, commitment to community service, and is recognized as a leader by both his fellow students and the administration.” –President Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D.

Since enrolling in the first four-year bachelor of science in nursing cohort at Becker, in 2012, Snider Saint-Vil has assisted with deliveries of babies, helped administer flu shots to school children, volunteered at health fairs, and worked with stroke patients. “Working with someone who had a stroke is like working with a child in an adult’s body,” he says.

When his father suffered a stroke a number of years ago, Saint-Vil stepped onto the path to nursing. His mother is also a nurse, and he credits her experience and encouragement with helping him weather the challenge of transitioning from prerequisite classes to the demanding nursing curriculum. “Nursing is a difficult major. It is not as difficult if you are motivated and dedicated, but there were definitely long, sleepless nights.” Though Saint-Vil was in Massachusetts on his own, away from his Palm Coast, Fla. home, he also had the support of his peers, his professors, and coaches and athletics staff.

Not only was Saint-Vil enrolled in the rigorous nursing program, he also played football. And he was a resident assistant during the academic year and in the summer. And he was a tour guide for the Office of Admissions. And he had a job off campus, working well over 20 hours a week at times. He succeeded at doing all those things while maintaining “an exceptional GPA,” according to the Office of Academic Affairs. The epitome of a focused student-athlete, he was named to the Eastern Collegiate Football Conference (ECFC) All-American Team in 2013 and 2014.

“I was able to build character through athletics; you have to be determined and accountable,” says Saint-Vil. He says he brought those values into the classroom, and that helped him to succeed.

“Becker College has made me more confident and more prepared for challenges in life.” He said that others saw confidence in him and this helped him to see it himself.

Saint-Vil aims to continue as a leader. His clinical rotations at local hospitals have allowed him to build a network that he is confident will lead to employment upon passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Looking to the future, he is considering an advanced degree in business that will prepare him for a career in hospital administration. “I see myself leading, as a director of nursing. I want to continue learning and to become a great nurse.”

One nurse educator in particular made a lasting impression on Saint-Vil. “Dr. Margery Orr is the true definition of someone you can always rely on. She will give everything she has in order to be successful; she is definitely a great lady.”

Saint-Vil says his experience as a nursing student gave him a deeper respect for the profession, “Nurses are compassionate, responsible, caring, and willing to pick others up before themselves.”