Ishan Sejwal ’16, Game Design

Published on Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Ishan SejwalWhen Ishan Sejwal graduated high school in New Delhi, India, he was unsure about where he wanted to go from there. The 21-year-old game design major has since found his place at Becker College.

“One day my dad asked me what I wanted to be, and said it was up to me to decide my future plans,” Sejwal said. “My brother is studying mechanical engineering in Chicago, and I first thought I might follow in his footsteps, but I decided engineering was not for me. When I told my dad I wanted to get into game design, he supported me and began helping me seek out the best institutions. Becker College was at the top of the list.”

Sejwal plans to graduate in 2016, taking with him close friendships and an overall great experience at Becker. “I have loved the faculty and the students here at Becker,” he said. “This was my first time in the United States, and people have been so kind and helpful. I love the friends I’ve made here.”

Sejwal and some of his new friends and fellow classmates participated in the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) Game Challenge this year, entering the Tetris-based game they created called Squire Stack. “The player stacks the blocks, swords, and shields to make the complete armor of a knight,” Sejwal said. “It’s a simple way to pass some time. We didn’t win, but failure is nothing but a step toward victory. We learned about new software, drawing skills, and new game engines, all information that will help me in the future. And representatives from some famous gaming studios were there, and we got to talk with them and show them our game and ask for their feedback. It was a valuable experience.”

This summer, Sejwal found an internship at the nonprofit Preservation Worcester, where he is working as a lead artist on a game tentatively called PRESERVE!, in which players learn about the historic buildings in Worcester and work to preserve them. “It will be used to educate kids in school and to familiarize people with the city,” Sejwal said. “We are also planning to provide it to tourists who come to Boston in order to interest them in exploring Worcester,” he added. “Originally I was nervous to take this internship, as Preservation Worcester is not a gaming studio, but then I heard from professionals in the field that this would be a good opportunity to work in the real world and create games for clients. I really like it.”

Sejwal has also enjoyed exploring the U.S. while attending Becker. “Worcester is much quieter than some other cities, but it’s nice,” he said. “I have gotten to explore Boston, Houston, New York, and Philadelphia so far. I want to go to California, Miami, and Las Vegas. Every trip has been amazing.”

Sejwal isn’t sure yet if he will stay in the U.S. after graduation next year or return home to India. He is also unsure whether he will seek a career in game design or pursue a master of business administration, as he would eventually like to own his own gaming company. But whatever happens, he knows his time at Becker will serve him well in his future. “I see myself working with big companies and making my own games,” he said.

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