Guillermo Romera Rodriguez ’15, Game Design

Published on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Guillermo Romera Rodriguez

Guillermo Romera Rodriguez, who grew up in Madrid, Spain, admits that he was not very interested in school and studying. But when his father accepted a job in Boston in 2010, the family decided to make a fresh start together—and Guillermo is now a successful game design major at Becker College, scheduled to graduate in December 2015.

“I was never a scholar like I am now,” Rodriguez said. “Looking back, I was a disaster of a student rather than a good one. I can see the headache I caused my parents by being that way, but coming to the United States and the sacrifices we all made to move here changed me completely. We knew it would be a great place to live and to study, and we all decided together to take a chance and start a new life.”

When his family first moved to the U.S., Rodriguez enrolled at Bunker Hill Community College in Charlestown, Mass. He earned his associate’s degree in computer science there, and heard from professors that Becker would be a great fit for him and a good place to continue his education. When he checked out Becker, he found they were right. “I love the people and the staff,” Rodriguez said. “Since my first day here, I have felt welcomed by everyone and have made great friendships. The feeling of community here doesn’t compare to anything I have experienced elsewhere.”

Rodriguez also loves the game design program at Becker. “I have always played video games, and I’ve always been interested in the game design industry,” he said. “It doesn’t feel like work to me. I love the creative process that goes with game design; I can spend hours and hours on it without noticing.”

Studying is not where Rodriguez’s involvement on campus ends—he has also found opportunities to become involved within the greater Becker community, playing on the soccer and tennis teams and serving as an orientation leader for new international students. “I am also one of the founding members of the Becker International Student Community Club,” he said. “It’s a group for people with student visas only, and open to all international students who want to be part of a community here at Becker. We are there for each other if anyone has any problems or questions. We have meetings and group dinners, and participate in community service projects.”

Following graduation, Rodriguez hopes to pursue a master’s degree while simultaneously working in the game design field. He is still deciding where he’d specifically like to head after Becker, but he knows he’ll take his Becker experiences with him wherever he lands. “As an international student, I truly have no words to describe how all the people at Becker have helped me during my time here,” he said. “It is understood that we all come from completely different cultures, and everyone helps guide us as international students. My time here has been a lot of fun!”