David Kann ’16, Business

Published on Monday, September 28th, 2015

David KannDavid Kann ’16 came to Becker College for a solid start in the business world, and his involvement in the business department’s Business Leadership program is one more way Becker is preparing him for success.

“I was drawn to Becker because of the small class sizes and the opportunities to really get to know my teachers and fellow classmates,” said Kann, a business management major with certificates in project management and human resources. “For me, getting to know the people around you instead of just their names is a great way to learn and network. I decided to join the business program because I was thinking about starting a business, and most of the professors have had real world working experience and are able to share valuable information above and beyond what’s in the textbooks. And I have most enjoyed and appreciated being able to meet and listen to guest speakers from the Business Leadership Program.”

The Business Leadership Program recognizes the top students in the department and provides each with an academic scholarship and opportunities to participate in a power breakfast speaker series, company visits, and special projects with the College’s corporators. “The ability to meet many local CEOs and executives and listen to their stories about how they got to where they are today within their companies has been a great experience,” Kann said. “We are able to ask them questions and get answers from someone who has already been through what we are about to do, which is join the real business world.”

After graduation in May, Kann plans to return to his native San Francisco Bay area in California and begin his search for a project management position. Eventually, he hopes to earn his Master of Business Administration. He’ll be carrying his Becker experiences and his Business Leadership Program membership along with him on his journey. “Being part of the Business Leadership Program is something that is very special to me,” Kann said. “To be a member of a group of elite business students is a great accomplishment. Being rewarded for being successful in my classes has been a great feeling. The opportunity to be a part of this group is something I’ll never forget.”