Chad Sabo ’15, Business Administration, Business Leadership

Published on Monday, October 19th, 2015

Chad SaboChad “Austin” Sabo ’15 enjoyed his time at Becker College and as a member of the business department’s Business Leadership Program so much that he is eager to give back to the Becker community, and to help future business students in any way he can.

“My plans are to utilize the skills and knowledge I’ve gained at Becker over the last four years and apply them in the business community,” said Sabo, who was a business administration major. “Once I become well established, I look forward to reconnecting with the Becker community and passing what I have learned on to future business students.”

Sabo, who became passionate about the world of business through an accounting class in high school, knows the value of learning from successful members of the business community first-hand. As a member of the Business Leadership Program—which recognizes the top students in the department with an academic scholarship and opportunities to participate in a power breakfast speaker series, company visits, and special projects with the College’s corporators—Sabo appreciated the real-world advice he received. “The Business Leadership Program gave me a chance to meet different business leaders in the Worcester community and discuss with them their success stories and what they had to push through and accomplish to get to where they are today,” he said. “I enjoyed all the community involvement Becker has with the City of Worcester and the Town of Leicester.”

Sabo’s personal involvement during his time at Becker didn’t end with the business community. He also played football for the Hawks, and enjoyed working one-on-one with his professors. “At Becker, I learned that the sky is the limit,” he said, citing his goal of finding a job in the auto finance industry and possibly opening a sporting complex down the road. “You can do anything you want if you work hard and believe in yourself.”