Brittan Morris ’16, Business Leadership, Sports Management

Published on Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Brittan MorrisBrittan Morris ’16 is a huge sports fanatic who has learned as a Becker College student-athlete, sports management major, and Business Leadership program participant that sports and business often go hand-in-hand.

“I grew up watching and playing sports, and my parents were always very involved, with my dad coaching many of my hockey teams and my mom managing them,” Morris said. “I always had other family members coming to watch me play, and that support pushed me to continue playing and to improve. I love the physical and mental nature of sports. I’ve competitively played five different sports thus far in my life, and three sports during my time here at Becker. Competing in these sports has played a major role in my development as both an athlete and a student. Sports have taught me, among other things, leadership and comradery—which are essential to one’s success in the business world.”

Morris, who has played hockey, golf, and tennis at Becker, wants to integrate his own style of training into the performance fitness world and open his own gym after graduation. His participation in the Becker Business Department’s Business Leadership program, which recognizes the top students in the department and provides each with an academic scholarship and opportunities to participate in a power breakfast speaker series, company visits, and special projects with the College’s corporators, has spurred him on. “The Business Leadership program has elaborated on some of the key points of running a successful business for me,” Morris said. “I’ve also learned about the many resources out there for new business owners.”

This past summer, Morris was able to gain first-hand knowledge about running a gym through an internship at Atomic Athlete, a gym in Austin, Texas owned by a family friend. “I love the gym atmosphere and being in that environment every day is what made my internship so enjoyable,” he said. “As a part of my daily work requirements I would train with athletes during a session, so I was getting paid to train. For me, it doesn’t get much better than that. I learned so many lessons from working at Atomic, but the one I will apply to my business career is this: When running your own business you must always be evolving, and to be successful you must stay ahead of the competition. Everything I’ve learned during my time here at Becker will help me to reach my goal of starting my own business and changing the fitness game for the best.”