Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Mentoring Program is a part of the First Year Experience (FYE), in which upper-class students are placed in each First Year Experience course to assist first-year students in their transition to the college. Peer Mentors serve as role models through their adoption of Becker College’s Core Values: excellence, accountability, community & diversity, social responsibility, integrity, and creative expression. Peer Mentors also complement the work of FYE Instructors by providing their knowledge and experience of campus life, as well as academic and social advice.

“My peer mentor did a phenomenal job of connecting with the students and helping them any way he could. He answered many of my questions regarding school, and helped me make the most out of this semester.”

-Fall 2014 first year student

If you're interested in becoming a Peer Mentor please review the job description and apply here. If you are a returning application, please reapply here.

 Program Objectives

  • Encourage community involvement
  • Assist in developing academic and social goals
  • Support first-year academic success
  • Promote effective communication with faculty and staff
  • Educate first-year students about campus resources
  • Promote successful time management, study skills, and the use of campus resources
  • Educate first-year students on the use of Canvas, Becker College’s learning management system


Peer Mentors develop skills in:

  1. Public speaking
  2. Mentoring
  3. Leadership
  4. Communication
  5. Professionalism
  6. Time Management