Becker students have breakfast with a judge

Published on Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

On April 29, the last day of classes at Becker College, a number of students had an early morning breakfast with Judge Timothy Bibaud, presiding justice of the Dudley, Massachusetts, District Court.

The purpose of the event, which was held as part of the Criminal Justice “25 Strong” program and the Criminal Justice Guest Speaker Series, was to give criminal justice and legal studies majors a first-hand experience with a practitioner in their field. During the breakfast, Judge Bibaud, who was appointed to his position on the bench ten years ago by then-Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, discussed the day-to-day operations of the Dudley District Court, as well as some of the cases he has presided over and the people he has assisted. His Honor also shared his educational background and stories from his time spent working for the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office, including his position as a prosecuting attorney in the Gang Unit.

Judge Bibaud also explained the cutting-edge “drug court” he and the staff at the Dudley District Court have implemented to deal with drug and alcohol abuse, which he considers the underlying cause of crime and victimization. He used the effects of the current heroin epidemic occurring throughout Massachusetts as an example.

After his presentation, Judge Bibaud spoke with each student about their career plans, encouraged them to stay in contact, invited them to observe the Dudley District Court, and consider applying for Internships at the Court.