Becker Student Receives Game Design Diversity Scholarship

Published on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Early in July, Becker Interactive Media Design student Heriberto Calderon (pictured above with President Crimmin) received the good news that he was awarded an Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation scholarship. After hearing about the scholarship from a colleague, Calderon spent weeks putting together the required materials including a portfolio of his work.

During the application process, Calderon was taking six classes and a lab, while working three jobs, and commuting every day to school. “I am so glad I had the people in my life to help me through those stressful times, but it all paid off in the end. It was a very rewarding semester,” remarked Calderon. The scholarship program, established in 2007, assists women and minority students pursuing degrees in Computer and Video Game Arts. Each year 30 scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors and current college and university students.

When asked about what the degree means to him, Calderon stated, “I was honored to receive the scholarship. I am thankful for the ESA for helping out women and minorities achieve their dreams and conquer certain obstacles in our society holding us back. It means the world to me.” With the scholarship under his belt, Calderon looks forward continuing his education at Becker and gaining more knowledge and skills to help his career. Calderon was also a part of Becker’s outreach program to teach middle school students about game design.

Watch and listen to Calderon’s thoughts about the scholarship and his plans for the future: