Becker Excellence-Kyle Credle '17

Published on Friday, May 19th, 2017

Kyle Credle (2nd from l) at the 2017 Commencement ceremony, with fellow business graduates (from l) Carpi Corn, Sam Derico, and Keith Freudig.

Kyle Credle has made an impression at Becker College—on classmates, teammates and coaches, and staff who have worked with him. He is the singer and musician who performed at a college-wide club fair. He is the student from Queens, N.Y. who struggled financially but found a way to afford a four-year college. He is the determined basketball player who, after missing the championship-winning shot in his junior year, used every opportunity—working on his game in the early hours, after classes, and in gyms at other colleges—to successfully sink that shot as a senior.

“I’m not missing any more shots,” says Credle.

His focus and determination was honored with a co-Outstanding Male Athlete Award at the annual Becker College Athletic Awards on May 4. Recognized as a four-year standout on the men’s basketball team, Credle capped off his career by leading the Hawks to the 2017 NECC Championship and a berth in the NCAA Regionals. He amassed 1394 career points with the Hawks, ranking as the program’s fourth all-time leading scorer since Becker became a four-year institution.

Since childhood, Credle says, basketball has dominated his life. He traveled to many states to play games for AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Boys’ Basketball. He attended Cardoza High School, which was known for basketball. He had dreams of playing professionally, but learned at Becker that he was capable of achieving more.

“Kyle is the model student-athlete,” says Dr. Vauhgn Calhoun, director of business programs at Becker, and Credle’s professor. “He understands that he gets out what he puts in, both academically and in athletics. Not surprisingly, it shows in his GPA and basketball accolades. I have no doubt that he will continue to excel in whatever endeavors he chooses.”

“I found myself at Becker; I want to use the skills I learned as an athlete in the real world,” he says. “I want to help the family by making it through music.”

While in college, a romantic loss sharpened Credle’s musical focus. Words and a melody just started flowing, he said. That song impressed listeners, giving him the confidence to record and release his own mix tape, and most recently, his E.P., “Lone Wolf.” His song, “Q,” is available on iTunes. He has collaborated with his older sister, Darria, who performs and releases her own music under the name, MoonSky. She helps him grow as a musician, and he teaches her some of the business acumen he has acquired at Becker.

His dream is to launch his own record label, Credle Records. When brainstorming label names, he says, he thought of aligning with his older brother’s clothing brand, Meticulous. Calling it Credle, he decided, reflects himself, and the family name. He is building his own brand with a presence on Instagram, Snapchat, SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, as K. Credle, or KSmoove_GIS.

He may just be starting out, but Credle found the tools to build a support system for success—a transformative education and partnerships with his circle of family and friends.